Talbott Recovery Campus — Atlanta, GA

The Talbott Recovery Campus is a non-profit drug and alcohol addiction treatment center with two locations in Atlanta, Georgia.


Founded in 1975 by Dr. G. Douglas Talbott, the Talbott Recovery Campus was originally a treatment facility for physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals. In the ensuing decades, the alcohol and drug treatment programs were expanded to provide a full range of treatments for adults 18 and older. In addition, a second treatment path was established to help deal with the specific issues and recovery challenges associated with young adults ages 18-25.

Talbott Recovery Campus Treatment Programs

Adult program: This program offers comprehensive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, and other substance abuse and addictive disorders through medical, psychiatric, psychological and spiritual therapy. During the roughly 90-day stay at the Campus, the patient will undergo a few levels of treatment:

  1. Detoxification and stabilization: During this time, inpatient intensive care is available for patients who may require more extensive detoxification or need behavioral containment to reduce the chances of relapse and increase the likelihood of recovery.
  2. Partial hospitalization program: After detox, patients are transferred to the main campus to receive primary addiction treatment. Patients meet with individual, group and spiritual therapists and will attend lectures and groups dealing with subjects such as relapse and coping skills.
  3. Intensive outpatient program: After completing the partial hospitalization section of the program, patients transition to the Talbott Recovery Campus Mirror Image phase of recovery. For three days per week, Mirror Image patients go to other addiction recovery campuses throughout the area and work with newly admitted alcohol and drug abuse patients to provide a level of support that they may not be able to receive from doctors or family.

Young adult program: Talbott Recovery Campus’s young adult program is designed to address the specific needs of patients between the ages 18-25. All of the Campus’ patients have substance abuse problems, but the facility attempts to treat each patient as a whole; the staff provided to each individual is such that dual-diagnosis patients (those dealing with other illnesses in addition to addiction) can be treated just as effectively as those struggling only with chemical dependency. The treatment path is similar to that used for adults — however, young adults are given the option, once detox and partial hospitalization are complete, for non-residential outpatient treatment; patients live at home or at an approved recovery facility and attend treatment Monday through Friday mornings at the Campus.

For more info about Talbott Recovery Campus, please call The Way Out at 1-877-WAYOUT7 or fill out a patient placement form for general placement inquiry.