Gosnold on Cape Cod — Cape Cod, MA

Gosnold on Cape Cod was founded in 1972 as an addiction and mental illness treatment center using individualized treatment, 12-Step principles, group therapy and continuing care to help patients overcome their substance abuse problems, as well as any co-occurring disorders.

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Gosnold on Cape Cod Treatment Programs

Inpatient treatment: Gosnold’s main campus provides detox, stabilization and primary care for individuals with substance abuse problems and co-occurring disorders. The length-of-stay here varies, but on average is one-to-two weeks. During this time, the patient attends educational classes, individual and group therapies, and 12-Step meetings.  Following this stabilization period, the patient transfers to one of three of other campuses:

  • Gosnold at Cataumet provides continuing inpatient rehabilitation.
  • Miller House is designed for men requiring long-term residential care.
  • Emerson House offers residential treatment for adult, adolescent and pregnant women.

All treatment programs at all three clinics help patients identify obstacles to recovery and to develop the skills necessary for sustained sobriety. Throughout the continuing care program, patients attend individual and group counseling, fitness programs and special issues groups. Each patient’s recovery team consists of a physician, addiction therapist, nurse, fitness coordinator, psychologist and psychiatrist. This medical team works with the patient to help him or her begin an abstinent life.

Outpatient treatment: Gosnold offers outpatient treatment in eight locations on Cape Cod, plus one in Brockton and one in North Dartmouth. Patients have a choice between attending outpatient treatment either five days per week or three evenings per week; the program includes individual and family counseling, group therapy, relapse prevention classes and 12-Step meetings.