AdCare Hospital — Worcester, MA

AdCare Hospital is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility located in Worcester, Massachusetts. The main hospital provides inpatient care, while clinics in Boston, Quincy, Worcester, North Dartmouth and West Springfield, as well as Warwick, Rhode Island, provide comprehensive outpatient treatment that accommodates patients’ schedules.

History of AdCare

AdCare Hospital was founded in 1975 and started out as a ten-bed alcoholism treatment service in an acute care hospital in New England. By 1986, the hospital had become a fully-equipped alcohol and drug abuse treatment center, with an outpatient clinic on the hospital’s campus.

AdCare Hospital Treatment Programs

Inpatient treatment: AdCare’s inpatient program begins with a detoxification period, after which the patient is referred to a daily program to learn more about addiction and the way to recovery; co-occurring disorders and their management is initiated at this time as well. Next, the patient enters either AdCare Rehabilitation Services or Acute Residential Services. The Rehabilitation sServices are for those patients who require active treatment by a physician due to co-occurring or psychiatric disorders; Acute Residential Services are for patients in more stable conditions but still needing daily nursing care or medical monitoring. A case manager and primary counselor is assigned to patients in either program, and attendance at educational sessions, individual and group counseling, AA meetings and relapse prevention classes is required.

Outpatient treatment: AdCare’s multiple outpatient clinics offer individualized treatment for patients who don’t require the intensive medical treatment of an inpatient program, allowing the program to accommodate the patient’s work and family schedules.  Individuals in outpatient treatment attend day or evening programs with activities consisting of individual, group and family therapy, educational sessions and self-help participation.

Specialized treatment: Some of AdCare’s outpatient clinics offer specialized treatment for certain groups of patients. AdCare Quincy divides its clients into male and female groups, allowing each to address problems specific to that gender. The North Dartmouth clinic offers a young adult treatment program for patients ages 18-25. Worcester’s outpatient clinic (on the main hospital campus) provides an outpatient detoxification program as well as a Day Treatment program, in which patients receive six hours of treatment a day, seven days a week.

Address: 95 Lincoln St, Worcester, MA 01605
Phone: (508) 453-3053

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