New York Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

New York is often called the land where dreams come true – but because of drugs and alcohol, life has turned into a nightmare for many Empire State residents. The good news is that drug rehab centers in New York is only a phone call away, and The Way Out offers FREE help in connecting New Yorkers to high-quality care. Call The Way Out today at 888-373-5963.

Prescription drug abuse is a real addiction, but New York alcohol and drug rehab centers can help

Prescription drugs have been in the headlines of New York newspapers lately – for all the wrong reasons. A recent Long Island pharmacy robbery left four people dead, and led to renewed calls for stricter legal limits on the number of prescriptions doctors can write. Folks like U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer are also calling for beefed-up penalties against those who steal prescription pills.

“The problem is more serious these days than heroin, than crack, than methamphetamine,” Schumer told the New York Daily News.

New York alcohol and drug rehab centers have successfully helped thousands of pill addicts kick the habit for good. But sadly, many more are becoming hooked every day. Federal statistics show Oxycodone prescriptions, for example, jumped by 66 percent in New York City between 2007 and 2009, according to the Daily News. The bulk of those prescriptions were filled in Staten Island.

At The Way Out, we know not all prescription drug use is bad, and not every person who fills a prescription needs to visit a New York drug rehab center. In fact, many surgical procedures would be impossible without doctor-prescribed pain medication.

The problem is that many people who start using pain medications for legitimate reasons eventually find that they are unable to stop. That’s when these new pill addicts may begin doctor-shopping (traveling to different locations to obtain more prescriptions). In some cases, addicts will forge prescriptions, which is clearly a crime. For pill users and their families, it’s enormously important to be honest about when prescription drugs have become an addiction. Many of these pills are opiates, which puts them in the same class of narcotics as heroin. It’s OK to admit you need help.

New York alcohol and drug rehab centers can treat all types of addiction

If you’re worried that choosing an alcohol or drug rehab center in New York means you’ll be subjected to some cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach, then worry no more. At The Way Out, we pride ourselves on connecting clients to individualized programs that feature a recovery plan centered around YOUR particular needs. Our alcohol or drug rehab centers are experienced in treating all age groups, races, and ethnicities. Some of the more-common addiction types we’ve successfully treated include:

  • Marijuana addiction – though people may sometimes think smoking a joint is harmless, long-term marijuana addiction is high damaging, both psychologically and physically. In 2006, according to the federal government’s Treatment Episode Data Set statistics, approximately 43,364 people entered drug rehab in New York because of pot. If this drug was truly “no big deal,” why are so many folks seeking professional help because of it?
  • Heroin addiction – much has been written on the addictiveness of heroin, as well as its role in the spread of infectious diseases such as HIV. Yet many New Yorkers are still shooting up, and heroin has in fact become one of the top reasons that addicts enter New York drug rehab centers. In 2006, for example, more than 59,000 New Yorkers entered drug rehab because of heroin.
  • Alcoholism – drinking a beer or cocktail may be perfectly legal, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t harmful. Alcohol is a BIG reason why many clients enter New York drug rehab. In 2006, more than 54,000 New Yorkers cited alcohol as their sole reason for seeking substance abuse treatment. Another 83,957 said they were addicted to both alcohol as well as a secondary drug, according to federal statistics.

No matter what form of substance abuse is affecting you or your loved one, the important thing is to take action NOW. The risk of fatal drug overdose, drunk-driving crash, or other irreversible harm is simply too great to ignore. Call the caring, compassionate treatment consultants at The Way Out today at 888-373-5963.

All across the state, there is a New York alcohol or drug rehab center that’s close to you

Finding the right drug rehab in New York shouldn’t be a hassle, and it shouldn’t require you or your loved one to travel unreasonable distances just to get well. When you choose the FREE alcohol or drug rehab center search assistance offered by The Way Out, you’ll benefit from our extensive network of high-quality treatment facilities. We’ll connect you to New York alcohol or drug rehab centers located in or near the Empire State’s 10 largest cities, which are:

  • New York City, Zip Code 10004 (pop. 8,274,527)
  • Buffalo, Zip Code 14202 (pop. 279,745)
  • Rochester, Zip Code 14614 (pop. 211,091)
  • Yonkers, Zip Code 10710 (pop. 196,425)
  • Syracuse, Zip Code 13202 (pop. 141,683)
  • Albany, Zip Code 12207 (pop. 93,523)
  • New Rochelle, Zip Code 10805 (pop. 72,967)
  • Mount Vernon, Zip Code 10550 (pop. 67,924)
  • Schenectady, Zip Code 12305 (pop. 61,280)
  • Utica, Zip Code 13502 (pop. 59,336)

Alcohol and drug rehab in New York serves clients of all ages

It’s often said that addiction doesn’t discriminate, and New York’s substance abuse statistics are proof. New Yorkers of all age brackets are affected by drug abuse and alcoholism. Consider:

  • Young adults (those ages 18 to 25) have the highest rates of addiction in New York. These college-aged addicts may feel young and invincible, but fatal drug overdoses can strike those of any age. And when drugs kill a person who still has his or her whole life ahead of them, it becomes even more tragic.
  • Seniors in New York need drug rehab at rates higher than the national average. Nationally, those over age 55 account for only four percent of all treatment admissions, but in New York, that number jumps to six percent, according to figures from the state’s Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. Alcoholism is one of the main problems confronting New York seniors.
  • Among teens, more than a third (35 percent) of New York high school students have smoked marijuana at least once in their lifetime. One in five male high school students is a CURRENT marijuana user.

The lesson from these statistics is simple:  you’re never too old, or too young, for drugs or alcohol to become a problem in your life. Thankfully, there are many top-notch alcohol and drug rehab centers in New York that are only a phone call away. The Way Out provides free, independent, unbiased information on your New York drug rehab options, but you have to take the first step. Call The Way Out today at 888-373-5963.

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