New Jersey Drug Rehab Centers

The state of New Jersey (pop. 8,717,925) is home to all types of substance abuse. From binge drinking to pain pills to heroin addiction, there are lots of reasons people go to alcohol and drug rehab centers in New Jersey. If drugs or alcohol has become a problem in your family, The Way Out offers FREE assistance in finding the best New Jersey alcohol and drug rehab centers near you. Call us today at 888-373-5963.

Addiction takes on many forms in The Garden State

In a certain way, all addicts are the same. Every type of substance abuse leads to emotional ups-and-downs, deteriorating health, and strained relationships with friends and family. But there are also some important differences between, for example, an alcoholic and a cocaine user. At The Way Out, we take great pride in connecting clients to the right New Jersey alcohol or drug rehab centers for their particular form of addiction. Some of the most common substance abuse problems in New Jersey include:

  • Prescription drug abuse – Prescription drugs, especially pain pills such as Oxycodone, are wreaking havoc all across The Garden State. No community is immune from this growing problem. In Essex County, police are calling pill-popping “the most serious threat” facing law enforcement, according to the Verona-Cedar Grove Times.
  • Heroin addiction – New Jersey has long suffered from sky-high rates of heroin abuse. According to the New Jersey Department of Human Services, heroin abuse among New Jersey 18-25 year olds is at twice the national average. Heroin is an extremely addictive substance, and needle-sharing among heroin addicts can spread diseases such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.
  • Alcoholism – Although alcohol is a legal substance, it is nevertheless quite harmful. Long-term alcohol abuse can lead to liver failure as well as a whole host of other serious consequences. Many of New Jersey’s young adults are engaging in binge drinking – a dangerous habit often associated with the early stages of alcoholism. The federal government’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 40 percent of New Jersey residents aged 18-25 admitted to binge drinking within the past month.

For these forms of addiction, as well as many others, New Jersey alcohol or drug rehab centers are the addict’s best chance at achieving sobriety. Of course, some addicts will always insist they can beat their habit “on their own.” That strategy might lead to a few days of not using, but it typically fails in the long run. The reason is simple: beating addiction is a team effort. A recovering addict needs the emotional support of both counselors and fellow addicts who are fighting this wicked disease. Together, a better life is possible.

Even some first responders need alcohol or drug rehab centers

It’s often said that addiction doesn’t discriminate, and a quick look at the variety of folks who need New Jersey alcohol drug rehab centers confirms this saying is 100 percent true. Even workers in occupations where it is assumed addiction would never happen – priests, doctors, or police officers for example – can find themselves overpowered by substance abuse.

For some New Jersey police officers, the drug of choice has become steroids, according to a recent report by the Reuters news service. New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow recently released a report that recommended random drug testing of police officers if there is “reasonable suspicion” they are abusing steroids. Such a policy, if adopted by individual police departments, would make New Jersey one of the few states in the country to drug-test law enforcement officers.

The catalyst for New Jersey’s crackdown, according to Reuters, were lawsuits claiming excessive force by police who were “in the throes of steroid rage.” Those lawsuits prompted a six-month investigation into allegations that a doctor illegally supplied police and firefighters with anabolic steroids, human growth hormones, and other muscle-building drugs. Dr. Joseph Colao, now deceased, is suspected of illegally prescribing such drugs to nearly 250 public safety officials.

Public safety officers such as police and firefighters are charged with protecting New Jersey citizens. Because of drug addiction, some may have failed in that role. That’s what substance abuse does – it destroys our ability to be productive, responsible members of society. Some corporate CEOs have permanently damaged their companies because drugs or alcohol impaired their judgment. Doctors who suffer from addiction put their patients’ lives in danger. Whatever type of substance abuse is affecting you or your loved one, the time for action is NOW – before someone gets fired, demoted, or otherwise ruins their career. Call The Way Out today at 888-373-5963.

Alcohol or drug rehab centers in New Jersey aren’t a hassle – our facilities are conveniently located

No matter where you live in The Garden State, there is a top-notch New Jersey alcohol or drug rehab facility located close by. How can we be so sure of this? At The Way Out, we’ve been working with New Jersey clients for many years, and in that time we’ve developed an extensive network of treatment locations – all of which meet our strict quality standards. Our network includes drug rehab centers located in or near New Jersey’s ten largest cities, which are:

  • Newark, Zip Code 07105 (pop. 273,546)
  • Jersey City, Zip Code 07302 (pop. 240,055)
  • Paterson, Zip Code 07503 (pop. 149,222)
  • Elizabeth, Zip Code 07208 (pop. 120,568)
  • Edison, Zip Code 08817 (pop. 97,687)
  • Woodbridge, Zip Code 07095 (pop. 97,203)
  • Dover, Zip Code 07801 (pop. 89,706)
  • Hamilton, Zip Code 08611 (pop. 87,109)
  • Trenton, Zip Code 08618 (pop. 85,403)
  • Camden, Zip Code 08102 (pop. 79,904)

Choose New Jersey alcohol or drug rehab centers and regain control over your life

There’s a lot of reasons to choose alcohol or drug rehab centers in New Jersey – it’s close to home, it’s affordable, but most importantly, it’s PROVEN to work. At The Way Out, we’ve seen firsthand the difference that New Jersey alcohol or drug rehab centers can make in an individual’s life. After getting clean and sober, our clients often experience improved physical appearance, better career prospects, and a more-stable home life.

Ask anyone who’s been in recovery for some time if they would like to go back to their old life, and you’ll hear a resounding “NO!” Simply put, substance abuse turns our lives into a living hell. But deep inside, you probably know this already. Just think of the moments of anger, shame and frustration that addiction has caused in your family. New Jersey alcohol or drug rehab centers have helped thousands of families start a new chapter – a happier and healthier chapter. Are you ready to turn the page? If so, call The Way Out today at 888-373-5963.