Massachusetts Drug Rehab

In Massachusetts, substance abuse is a killer. Every year, drug abuse and alcoholism in the Bay State leads to automobile crashes, fatal drug overdoses and other irreversible consequences. If you’re ready to make a change, get free help in finding high-quality Massachusetts drug rehab centers, call The Way Out today at 888-373-5963.

Massachusetts drug rehab is reducing the number of dangerous drivers.

Roads and highways in The Bay State are bound to have some accidents and fender-benders, but drugs and alcohol have greatly increased the danger of driving in Massachusetts; the U.S. Department of Transportation statistics show that alcohol is a factor in hundreds of fatal Massachusetts car crashes every year.

As the public has become more aware of the risks associated with drunk driving — and alcoholics have received the Massachusetts drug rehab care they need — the number of alcohol-fueled fatalities has gradually decreased. There were 406 such fatalities in 1998, but only 363 in 2008.

Driving while under the influence of drugs is another growing problem in Massachusetts. National Survey on Drug Use and Health statistics show that 6.4% of state residents admitted to driving under the influence of marijuana, cocaine, inhalants, hallucinogens, heroin or prescription drugs — a number is considerably higher than the national average of 4.7%.

Drug rehab in Massachusetts is a weapon against the heroin epidemic.

Heroin addiction is a problem in many states, but in Massachusetts the drug is showing up in both the big-city streets of Boston and in small towns. Heroin abuse is leading to increases in crime, shattered families and a deterioration of the overall quality of life. In Massachusetts, the rate of heroin abuse is 3x the national average.

The Way Out has helped many former heroin addicts kick the habit once and for all. But those who try to stop using without professional help often fail, as heroin withdrawal symptoms can be brutal. Many addicts end up using again simply because they can’t take the withdrawal symptoms.

In 2006, for example, more than 26,000 people entered Massachusetts drug rehab because of heroin abuse. And once in treatment, addicts discover that there are lots of people who understand exactly what they are going through. We can pick each other up when a client stumbles along the way. For that compassionate helping hand that you’ve been looking for, call The Way Out today at 888-373-5963.

Massachusetts drug rehab centers are conveniently located.

Across The Bay State, there’s a Massachusetts drug rehab nearby. Our network of top-notch facilities includes Massachusetts drug rehab centers in or near the state’s 10 largest cities:

  • Boston
  • Worcester
  • Springfield
  • Lowell
  • Cambridge
  • Brockton
  • New Bedford
  • Fall River
  • Quincy
  • Lynn

Boston may be a college town… but alcoholism doesn’t just affect frat guys!

Massachusetts is home to dozens of colleges and universities – many concentrated in the Boston area. And although young male college students are known to binge drink at levels higher than the general population, it’s not just frat guys who have a drinking problem in The Bay State. According to the Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, senior citizens and women of all ages are also heavily affected by alcohol abuse.

When it comes to seniors, alcoholism is the number-one primary addiction cited by Massachusetts drug rehab clients aged 55 or older. And the overall number of seniors seeking rehab is rising – from about 3,500 treatment admissions in 1997 to nearly 5,000 in 2007. Because these senior citizen alcoholics are usually retired or unemployed, it’s unlikely that their addictive behavior will be spotted by a boss or co-worker. It’s up to family members to intervene.

For Massachusetts women, too, alcohol is a serious problem. Of the more than 31,000 women admitted to drug rehab in Massachusetts in 2007, 37% cited alcohol as their drug of choice – more than any other substance. Heroin came in as a close second, at 36%.

Thankfully, for seniors and women – and addicts of all stripes – there are specialized Massachusetts drug rehab programs that cater specifically to your needs. Women, for example, often do better in a setting surrounded by other female addicts.

No matter what form of drug rehab in Massachusetts you’re looking for, The Way Out is the smart choice. We’re an independent, trusted resource that informs families, for free, of their Massachusetts drug rehab options. Call us today at 888-373-5963.