Florida Drug Rehab Centers

The state of Florida is home to sun and fun — and unfortunately, lots of drug abuse. The Sunshine State has earned the title of “Prescription Drug Addiction Capital” of the United States. Other forms of addiction, such as methamphetamine addiction and cocaine abuse, are also prevalent, but free assistance in finding a Florida drug rehab center is only a phone call away. Call The Way Out at 888-373-5963.

Our Florida drug rehab program is committed to ending prescription drug abuse.

Prescription pills in are responsible for more overdose deaths in Florida than illicit drugs such as cocaine or heroin. According to the St. Petersburg Times, seven Floridians die each day because of prescription drug abuse.

Unscrupulous pain clinics – nicknamed “pill mills” — have sprung up in shopping plazas throughout Florida. The clinics provide addicts a quick doctor’s exam before they write a prescription for pain pills. Some pill mills fill the prescription on the spot, prompting the St. Pete Times to ask if these doctors are “healers or dealers?”

Because Florida has developed a national reputation as an easy place to obtain pain pills, prescription drug addicts from across the country are traveling to Florida to get their fix. Doctors in Florida prescribe 10x more oxycodone pills than every other state in the country combined — a fact that has led some to call Florida’s Interstate 75 the “Oxy Express.”

Florida drug rehab, jail time… or a premature death?

Thousands of Floridians die from drug-related causes each year, according to the state medical examiner’s office. An inmate survey at one Hillsborough County jail found an “epidemic” of drug addiction, with prescription drug abuse particularly widespread among the jail population, according to the Tampa Tribune.

Florida drug rehab is important for small towns, too.

Methamphetamine addiction is at crisis levels in some Central Florida small towns, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The newspaper found that towns surrounding Lake County’s Ocala National Forest are “ground zero” for meth lab operations. Arrests for raided meth labs are rising dramatically in Lake County, as well as in other rural areas such as Polk and Volusia Counties.

Drug rehab in Florida is conveniently located.

We’ve assembled an extensive network of high-quality Florida drug rehab centers conveniently located throughout the state. We offer Florida drug rehab in or near the state’s 10 largest cities:

  • Jacksonville
  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • St. Petersburg
  • Orlando
  • Hialeah
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Tallahassee
  • Cape Coral
  • Port St. Lucie

When you call The Way Out’s 24/7 toll-free helpline, you can trust the information and suggestions you receive are independent and unbiased. Our recommendations are based on your best interest; we don’t accept sales commissions from Florida drug rehab providers. Some of our own staff members are in recovery themselves, and we want to share the joy of sobriety. To learn more, call The Way Out at 888-373-5963.