Drug Addiction Help – Sober Escorts and Sober Companions

Sober escorts and sober companions are individuals charged with helping to monitor the sobriety of an individual in drug or alcohol rehabilitation. While the services they offer may differ slightly, their functions are essentially the same: to provide the client with drug addiction help and achieve an end goal of detoxification.

Sober Escorts

Sober escorts are responsible for seeing that the client under their care gets from one place to another without any missteps toward recovery. More than a chauffeur, a sober escort ensures that those they are with remain in a drug-free environment. Because so many addicts in drug or alcohol rehab have had their driving privileges suspended or revoked, sober escorts are viable alternatives that contribute to the recovery process.

Sober Companions

Sober companions help addicts in their recovery from alcohol and substance abuse, and are available more than a sober escort — sober companions are available at all times and may spend several hours, days, or weeks with their clients to ensure they exist in drug and alcohol-free environments. Their drug addiction help services may be used during detoxification or during or after treatment. Sober companions are dedicated to helping their clients stay sober and work with them to help identify problem areas or situations that could be a barrier to remaining sober.