Psychiatrists For Drug and Behavioral Addiction

Individuals seeking help with addiction may find that the services of a licensed psychiatrist best meet their needs. Skilled in a number of therapeutic approaches, a psychiatrist is well-positioned to help individuals in a rehabilitation center, or who those prefer private counseling or after-care programs.

Because psychiatrists can be found in private practice, they’re available for as long as they’re necessary — this gives these medical professionals the flexibility to develop therapy programs that grow and change as the needs of their clients change.

In addition, because psychiatrists are licensed doctors, they’re able to prescribe medications. This is especially important with those types of addictions that require medication as part of the rehabilitation process or for situations in which dual-diagnosis reveals co-occurring disorders; medication may be deemed a necessary component of treatment.

What is the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Therapist?

In most cases, people confuse the differences between a psychiatrist and therapist. The mental health area has many terms that most people use interchangeably. Therapists and psychiatrists are sometimes used interchangeably although they stand for two different professions operating in the same field. Therapists are professionals with a master’s degree on a specific area that usually impacts the surroundings of people’s life. These surroundings affect the client’s mental health life either in school, work place, community, family or in a marriage.

Therapists can specialize in areas like family and marriage and are usually licensed and hold a degree. We also have other categories like the clinical social therapists all trained to help people with mental illness. On the other hand, psychiatrists are trained medical professions who have undergone an extensive training in the field of medicine. They usually have a good understanding of the body’s functions and can easily relate any form of mental or emotional illness in patients. They are the best-placed professions who can help differentiate between psychological and physical causes of physical and mental distress.

Requirements to acquire a psychiatrist degree are strict and in most cases differ from country to country. But in most cases, they all have to acquire a degree in medicine or doctoral to be able to practice psychiatry. They undergo through medical school just like any other medical students but only take psychiatric as a specialty. The psychiatric training itself can take four to five years in countries like Canada and the United States despite already attaining a degree in medicine. Trainings usually involve things like medical care, psychiatric diagnosis, Psychotherapies and psycho pharmacology. Psychiatrists specialize in further small fields that require additional trainings and in US they are certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN). Within the field of psychiatric, they can sub specialize in areas like adolescent, geriatrics, adults or in a specific population.