Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient drug or alcohol rehabilitation means that the patient does not reside at a center for treatment, but attends classes, individual and/or group therapy sessions, or visits with psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors for a portion of the day, and then returns home following the visit. These visits may be daily, weekly, or monthly but the defining action is that the individual leaves. This type of treatment is rarely used for treatment over the short term, but is rather employed as a long-term method of treatment and maintenance. While those participating in outpatient therapy have a high rate of success, that success is contingent on the strength of the support system at home and in the individual’s social circles.

As with inpatient programs, effective outpatient programs require an analyzing of the problems that are underpinning the substance abuse.  An individualized plan is then developed and implemented based on the information and the substance being abused. In addition, it is also necessary to determine if a dual diagnosis condition exists in order to make sure that all contingencies are addressed.

Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is often the next step after inpatient treatment. As a means of rehabilitation maintenance, it is highly effective in helping patients re-integrate into society, away from negative environments as it provides a continuing support program staffed by those who were integral to the initial therapy program. Among the many reintegration services provided in outpatient treatment are support groups, mental health maintenance, behavioral counseling, job search assistance, and continuing education on drugs and their effects. Program flexibility is also necessary as circumstances change, and program effectiveness diminishes.

Outpatient therapy employs the same rehabilitation models as inpatient care, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Social Education, and multi-disciplinary and holistic therapies. Regardless of how outpatient services are designed, the main goal is to help the individual achieve a life that is not dependent on drugs or alcohol.

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