Older Adult Rehab Center

An older adult rehab center is a rehabilitation program for older adults and elders employ the same methodologies as other treatment programs, but address the ancillary and medical problems unique to older individuals. For older adults, a serious substance abuse issue may be an addiction to necessary medications, and detoxification becomes a problem if the abuse substance is necessary for survival. Also, withdrawal symptoms can be amplified. In some instances, treatment may need to take place in nursing homes or other care facilities.

Why Choose an Older Adult Rehab Center?

As with gender specific, young adult, and LGBT drug rehab programs, success is more possible because many older adults feel more comfortable with their peers; shared experiences contribute to the feeling of ease and the ability to explore issues and problems that face people in this group. Overcoming feelings of despair and hopelessness brought about by isolation and awareness of one’s mortality are common feelings.

In addition to traditional therapies and addressing problems unique to older adults, Harm Reduction therapy proves successful. Instead of focusing on the abused substance, Harm Reduction therapy targets the harm caused by substance abuse. Response to this approach has been successful in ending addiction and preventing relapses.