LGBT Addiction Treatment

LGBT addiction treatment, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender specific substance abuse treatment programs, are proving highly successful. These facilities provide a greater sense of community and reassurance that there are peers undergoing similar struggles — this sense of solidarity improves treatment methodologies and reduces relapse rates.

Why LGBT Addiction Treatment Works

  • A sense of safety is established. LGBT-specific settings feature clients with similar problems living side-by-side, creating a relaxing and emotionally comfortable environment.
  • Issues that contribute to addiction in LGBT clients such as codependency, physical and sexual abuse, discrimination and self-image issues.
  • The support structure is stronger. Treatment response has a greater rate of success.
  • There’s more of an opportunity to speak openly.

LGBT addiction treatment programs employ the same methodologies as those for traditional programs: detoxification followed by short or long-term treatment programs that incorporate a mix of group and individual counseling, cognitive behavioral therapies and other approaches, and post-treatment therapy.