Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

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Drug and alcohol rehab rarely comes without a price tag, and finding an effective treatment program that fits individual’s resources is necessary

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6 Important Factors of Addiction Treatment:

Staff Credentials

Who’s providing the treatment — MDs., PhDs. or individuals with lesser qualifications? A successful center or clinic won’t hide its staff qualifications, nor will they talk around them. You should feel free to ask any questions about anyone on staff, including dieticians and support staff.

Programs offered

Are the programs broad or specific in their treatment programs? Do they meet your specific needs? Are they a medically-based facility, behavior modification-based or both?  In-patient or out-patient? Are there age or gender specific programs? Can the family be included as part of the program?

Success rate

What’s the relapse percentage in the area of your needs? No one can claim 100% success, so be skeptical of those that do … many however, have great success rates. Compare these rates with one another, and the methods they employ to prevent their patients from returning to their destructive ways.

Relapse prevention and continuing care

Do they provide post-rehab follow-up? Regularly scheduled follow-up treatment? In-patient or outpatient support? Are Sober Escorts available? Referrals to Sober Living homes? Medical treatment? Behavior Modification? Ask specific questions, and expect definite answers.


The facility should be able to provide you with specific information about costs based on the information and resources you provide. If you have insurance that will cover alcohol and/or substance abuse, they facility should also be able to answer those specifics. Be sure to find out if costs include post-release care and treatment, too.

Can you visit the facility prior to enrollment?

Try to visit the treatment center and meet with the key personnel before entering treatment. Check out their diplomas and certifications. Do they match the information you received over the phone or through your Internet research? If you don’t recognized any of the institutions or something seems off, go back to the drawing board and do more research.

Writing down questions before you begin interviewing treatment centers will ensure you receive the answers you need and cover your bases. By collecting yourself and moving forward with a more deliberate sense of purpose, you’ll find a rehabilitation facility that meets your requirements and can provide successful treatment.