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The Problem

Drug use among teens has been a major concern for several decades. Teen substance abuse is considered a public health problem in the U.S. However, for adults who worry about a teen in their family or circle of friends, the issue of drug use by teens is a very …

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One county in Ohio has banded together to fight drug addiction and raise awareness for Ohio addiction treatment centers. Ashtabula residents worked hard this summer to organize a series of events for substance abuse awareness, the Star Beacon reported.

The residents’ ideas were initially a small grassroots effort to help …

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Alcohol Use Disorder in the United States

Adults: more than 17 million Americans have an alcohol use disorder. Translating to 5.2 million women and 11.2 million men.

1.4 million people looked for addiction treatment in a medical facility: 1 million men and 416,000 women in need.

Drinking Prevalence

In 2012, 88% of people 18 …

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Many believe that those sent to jail for problems with substance abuse will sober up while serving time. That is not the case. Many who may have committed a crime related to drug use and sales or were under the influence of drugs while doing a crime may …

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A study released from Purdue University found that the misuse and abuse of prescription pills by young adults may have less to do with peer pressure and more to do with peers.

The researchers noted that efforts to study the correlation between prescription drugs and peer pressure may not be the best method. …

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Substance abuse is the misuse of any drug or alcohol, whether it’s a legitimate prescription drug subject to overindulgence or an illegal drug on which someone has a dependence. Many people who have a substance abuse problem probably began this road to destruction in an innocent manner. Many people who …

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