Unhealthy Relationships

Love is in the air. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, a time when couples across the country profess their love to each other, and restaurants, jewelers, and candy stores make huge profits. For some people, however, love becomes an addiction that…

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Animal Hoarding

There are many kinds of addiction, and there are different forms addiction can take. While some people are addicted to drugs and alcohol, others are addicted to collecting animals. Animal hoarding is a growing problem. The stories are so unbelievable…

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Self Harm Videos

You can find a variety of questionable videos on YouTube. The popular Internet site is pretty lenient when it comes to the content of its posts. Some people are raising questions about some types of videos that may be causing…

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Going Unplugged

Could you go “unplugged” for 24 hours? College students from schools around the world recently tried it, and more than half of them failed. “Unplugged” refers to turning off all technological devices – going without cell phone, Internet, iPod –…

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