What Are the Top Drugs Manufactured in the World Today?

The worldwide drug war has been going strong for many decades. From legally to illegally manufactured chemicals, each drug has a lucrative place in the underground market. Products that only ever had an innocent use, such as painkillers, can now be found in clubs and on the street for a quick high. It’s crucial to understand manufactured drugs and their impact on society, along with individual effects occurring when a person is high. The top drugs manufactured across the world today are widely varied, from pill form to leafy debris smoked in papers.

Drug Use Around the World

What Are the Top Drugs Manufactured in the World Today? Humans have used drugs over the course of civilization to enhance the mind and body. Only in the past century have illegal drugs come into the spotlight in a negative manner. Shamans may use natural elements in their region to smoke, but today’s modern drugs are much more potent. Drug use around the world has a few common factors that should be examined to understand its spread and attraction.

Most of the world used to be rural regions, but urbanization slowly took hold as modern times called for closer proximity to jobs and shelter. Because people are so densely located in towns and cities, more individuals have access to illicit substances. Drug dealers trying to make some money may proposition a person walking to work, for example. There were no widespread campaigns against drug use in the past, so people tried drugs freely if they were compelled to do so. Urbanization is still a strong link to drug use and sales. With more people, there’s just higher chances at drug availability and low cost.

As the world slowly evolved from spread-out farming communities to industrialized nations, stress levels increased. Workers may not be out on the farm harvesting crops, but they’re now subjected to office work or hands-on manufacturing processes. Stress levels increase with more complex jobs, along with more competition for those positions. People want to find a way to relax, and substances are often the solution. From smoking cigarettes on breaks to drinking each night at the bar, drugs become a way to escape from the realities of the five-day workweek.

Recent studies reflect more men than women using drugs across the globe. Although each region is starkly different than the others, men may generally be more prone to drug use because of stresses placed against their gender. They may need to support an entire family with their income, for instance. Looking for promotions on a constant basis means networking and considerable time away from home. As women become more equal in the workplace, however, studies are also reporting a shift in drug use. It’s thought that women will eventually outpace men in overall drug use within a few decades. From single parenthood to workplace competition, women face other obstacles in life where drugs could be seen as a simple way to escape those pressures.

Drug use in the world today is still relatively concentrated among two main substances: marijuana and methamphetamine. Although alcohol and cigarettes are commonly seen across the nation, the world as a whole tends to prefer pot and meth. From easy availability to preference, pot and meth produce starkly different effects on the human mind and body. Different cultures permeate the world, making drug choice highly personal based on perception and public opinion.

Top Illegal Drugs Being Manufactured Today

What Are the Top Drugs Manufactured in the World Today? Millions of dollars go into manufactured drugs each day around the globe. Whether sold through medical professionals or on the street, there’s great value to drug use both legally and illegally. However, the main illegal drugs sold today are often very dangerous for any user. Manufacturing processes can vary widely and potency concerns may be questionable when a drug isn’t regulated. Examine the top illicit drugs being manufactured today to understand their effects.

*Meth is a highly addictive stimulant taken by either snorting it in powder form or injecting its liquid variety. It produces an excited feeling by heightening the body’s awareness to the world. The heart beats faster with jerky movements from muscles. If people want extra energy for their day, meth is a perfect drug to select. However, it also masks hunger pains. Users don’t want to eat, making the drug effects even stronger because they don’t have any real fuel to metabolize the chemical efficiently. People who take meth become addicted very quickly. As a result, meth is an incredibly popular drug across the world.

*Because traditional marijuana is grown as a basic plant, it’s not listed as a top manufactured drug. However, synthetic marijuana is making the rounds to certain global regions. Additionally known as K2 or spice, synthetic marijuana is supposed to emulate the effects of natural THC, the basic ingredient within traditional pot. Instead of providing a depressant drug, synthetic pot is actually a stimulant. Users experience an agitated state, with confusion and possible vomiting in some cases. Emergency rooms are reporting a high volume of patient visits because of synthetic pot side effects.

*Special K, or ketamine, is a drug used in veterinary offices. It’s an anesthetic for animal surgery, but it’s made its way into widespread drug circles as a hallucinogenic substance. Users may take this drug by snorting, injecting or smoking it at clubs or concerts. They feel detached from reality, and even see visions as the high continues. There’s no known treatment for ketamine addiction except for basic mental therapy to understand the desire to take the substance in the first place.

*Made famous by club-goers in the 1970s, cocaine is still a popular drug across the globe. Users snort the white powder, experiencing a significant high as a result. This drug is extremely addictive, allowing people to escape from the world while still functioning through everyday activities. Because of its complex manufacturing process, cocaine is normally expensive for users. It’s known as a high-end drug, but it also has its low-cost cousin, called crack. Smoked in rock form, crack offers a similar high to cocaine. Global use of both cocaine and crack is a phenomenon often glamorized in movies and television.

Illegal Use of Prescription Pills Is Also a Concern

Some may have the perception that drug use revolves around a dark alleyway with a dangerous dealer handing out illicit substances. However, drug dependence can start innocently in the doctor’s office with prescription pills. Chronic pain is a widespread issue among patients, and doctors have been handing out prescriptions for painkillers across many decades. However, some painkillers are addictive themselves, creating a dependent person with only a few doses. Take a look at the varied reasons people choose the illegal use of prescription pills today.

One of the main pathways to prescription pill addiction is simply taking the drug in excess. If a person suffers from a painful injury, such as a broken leg, a doctor might prescribe painkillers. Although there’s a set pill quantity to take, the individual could consume more than prescribed because the pain is so excruciating. In these cases, however, it’s best to talk to the doctor about alternative pain therapies. Taking too many pills just to cope with pain means the prescription isn’t working for the individual. Addiction can occur without the person even realizing it.

Another reason pill addictions are so prevalent these days is because of easy access. Kids and teenagers, for example, may look in the home’s medicine cabinet. If an adult is currently on pain medication, kids may want to try the pills for fun. Curious children take the prescription pills and enjoy the sensation. They may continue to sneak the pills until the adult realizes that the supply is dwindling swiftly. By that time, however, the child is already hooked on the drug.

In the past, school-age kids were subjected to peer pressure regarding alcohol and cigarettes. Today’s widespread drug use extends to pill forms as well. Kids looking to make some money will take pills from their own homes. They’ll entice people at school to purchase and take the pills. Peer pressure is still a strong cause of widespread drug use. Because kids want to fit in with others, they’ll take the pills to show they’re cool or part of the group. With only one or two doses, kids can become addicted to the pills and seek them out in the future.

When adults become addicted to pills, they try to supply their habits in elaborate ways. Because the family doctor will only prescribe a certain drug amount, adults tend to doctor shop. This process involves appointments with various new doctors to obtain multiple painkiller prescriptions. Some patients are successful with this addict maneuver, but connected medical communities are trying to stop these damaging practices. Large databases are being created to stop the blind prescription writing, so all doctors know one particular patient is looking for pills solely for recreational use.

Avoiding Use of These Top Drugs in Your Own Life

What Are the Top Drugs Manufactured in the World Today? Avoiding drug addiction is a main goal for society because the alternative is extensive inpatient, outpatient and lifetime recovery struggles. Common illicit drugs can be avoided when people are aware of their use and negative effects. Education remains the strongest weapon against addiction. Using the Internet to read about drugs and their use in public places can keep you on your toes and away from possible harm. Take a few of these steps if you’re concerned about addiction and drug temptations.

If you currently have a physical or mental ailment, don’t wait to see a medical professional. Dealing with pain or a disorder on your own only wears down your will. Illicit drugs could seem appealing to whisk you away from worries. However, drugs only create more problems to be dealt with on a lifetime basis. Doctors can treat you with the latest medications and procedures to reduce any mental or physical issues. Don’t believe illicit drugs will solve any problems. Medical monitoring is the best pathway to choose.

Drug use may not be your fault in some cases. Questionable people at gatherings, such as clubs, could have drugs ready to drop into drinks or food. If you frequent clubs and other establishments, always be aware of your drink or plate. Don’t let anyone purchase or touch your items. Even the smallest powder amount could intoxicate you and trigger possible addiction. Awareness of surroundings is critical in any situation.

If your family has a history of drug use, such as alcoholism, researchers have found that your chances of addiction are higher than other people. To avoid potential addiction, surround yourself with friends and family who don’t encourage drug use, and don’t allow any substances in the home. You should still educate yourself on drugs and their use in your neighborhood, but there’s no need to make them a presence in your environment. Even prescription painkillers should be looked at with extra scrutiny. You may not want those temptations in the home at all.

Some of the best ways to avoid drugs are simply fun hobbies. Fill your life with distractions outside of work. Jogging, biking and walking are just a few exercises you can try. Take up painting or drawing if you have an artistic side. When you fill your life with positive goals and skills, there’s no room to add drug addiction. Invite your friends to participate with you to help the entire community remain drug-free. With knowledge, awareness and positive life goals, avoiding drug use is relatively easy. Teach your children about these clever distractions to keep them on a positive track, too.

If you or a loved one is addicted to illegal drugs, contact the helpline at 877-929-6887. Even prescription pills can be extremely dangerous if taken without a doctor’s approval. Both mental and physical effects consume addicts as they dive deeper into dependence. You can pull yourself out of this negative downward spiral. Avoid or quit those top drugs today to see a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

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