Alina Lodge: Helping You Find the Way Back to a Life that’s Free of Drugs and Alcohol

Established in 1957 by a courageous woman named Geraldine O. Delaney, the Alina Lodge in rural northwest New Jersey continues helping substance abusers today. Our facility offers affordable residential care whether someone needs rehabilitation for the first time or having trouble with chronic relapses. We are also equipped with professional and experienced staff for anyone dealing with a dual diagnosis.

Educational Approach

In the past five decades, our facility has treated thousands of people struggling to overcome chemical dependence. We accept clients regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, occupation or financial status. Though our approach is closely based on the traditional 12-step program commonly associated with Alcoholics Anonymous, we strive to continually update our treatment methods with innovative strategies. At Alina Lodge, staff members consider clients to be students who come to us to learn how to deal with life’s challenges, gain a deeper understanding of their addiction and rebuild their self-esteem.

While alcohol or drug abusers often fear being judged, each student spending time at our facility receives the proper dignity and respect. The education process used involves class lectures, individualized therapy with a licensed professional and group sessions guided by trained counselors. We also know all too well that addiction affects more than the addict and assist individuals and loved ones through the healing process by extending counseling and programs to loved ones.


In many cases, someone suffering from alcohol or drug dependency requires detoxification. This refers to the time when the body removes all traces of the substance and makes the necessary adjustments to function sober. The length of this process varies with each individual because of the complex factors involved. These considerations include the type of substance abused and the duration of the abuse. We do not offer detox services. However, we partner with a number of facilities that ensure the safety and security of a substance abuser, in addition to providing 24 hour medical supervision and intervention measures as needed.

Comprehensive Care

Upon admission, individuals have completed detoxifying services and are physically sober. Following a thorough evaluation and assessment, treatment begins, to keep students on the road to recovery through short or long-term programs. The length of stay spans anywhere from 90 days to nine months and is determined based on each individual’s progress and needs. While a resident at Alina Lodge, students are taught to develop healthier thought patterns that help reduce cravings and provide them with the tools necessary to overcome temptations. We also equip them with the skills to handle circumstances that once influenced substance abuse as an escape or drove them to self-medicate. Addicts must also recognize which places, people and situations might trigger relapse and how to form healthier replacements.


When initial treatment and therapy come to a close, individuals also have begun to establish an effective support network that increases the likelihood of staying sober. Staff members work together with students to devise a plan for returning to society, and offer recommendations. In an effort to provide recovering individuals with ongoing care, Alina Lodge offers alumni services and transitional housing for female students. If you’d like more information about our facility, call our helpline at 877-929-6887. Counselors working on the helpline also have the answers to any addiction questions you might have.

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