Sexual Abuse and Addiction: Does One Cause the Other?

Struggling to overcome years of sexual abuse that leads to addiction can seem overwhelming and, at times, nearly impossible. Regardless of the extent of your abuse you have the power to overcome negative influences and impulses.

Why Sex Abuse Leads to Becoming an Addiction

Sexual abuse at any age can leave an individual feeling hopeless and in shock, especially if the abuse is conducted by a close family member or friend. Rather than coping with the abuse, teenagers and young adults, over time, tend to turn to alcohol and substances in order to forget.

Why Programs are Often Necessary

Simply removing yourself from a home is not a solution to becoming entirely drug and alcohol free. Working with professionals regularly, group therapy, individual counseling and having medical staff on hand at all times are some of the greatest perks of rehab for just about anyone these days, whether they have been addicts for years, or even sexually abused.

Seeking Help for Sex Abuse And Other Addictions

Once sexual abuse is recognized in someone, it is much easier to find the right type of addiction programs that highly focus on sexual abuse, which may be beneficial to your friend or loved one. It is also important to confront your loved one, or even your own behavior, to determine if you are ready to take them on individually with counseling, and even group therapy.

Create a Loving and Caring Support Group

The bigger a support group for you or your loved one is, the less likely there will be resistance within the group. Having a group of trusted friends and family members who have witnessed your behavior is not meant to bully or threaten you, which is why it is highly advisable to work with a skilled and trained interventionist.

Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient therapy is optimal for those who are seeking treatment at weekly, biweekly or monthly meeting sessions. Each outpatient is required to attend meetings to prove sobriety, while also opening up to share struggles and other mishaps or potential triggers that you may also have experienced throughout the course of the treatment.

Inpatient Therapy for Sex Abuse and Addicted Patients

There is inpatient therapy available for individuals who have been sexually abused and addicted for most of their lives. Understanding the root cause of any addiction is a must, which is why we work with a medical staff that is experienced in sexual abuse to help you through any trauma you may experience.

Understanding that you don’t have to deal with sexual abuse on your own is the first step to seeking help with any condition. Having the ability to speak openly about your past is another way to move forward from sexual crimes to sobriety in life.

Whether you are in need of help for sexual abuse, addiction or even both, call our hotline at 877-929-6887 for more information and the proper guidance necessary for you to move on with your life.

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