5 things every parent should know about kids who use inhalants

There is a type of drug abuse that is becoming very common among teenagers and kids. The product is very easy to get hold of in the home as it has a variety of uses. Teens and kids are using inhalants at a rapid rate. There are some things that you can look for as a parent that might indicate the use of inhalants as well as some facts that you might not know about.

1. Laying Around the House

Most of the items that teens and kids use to inhale are simply sitting around the house or garage. An inhalant is a chemical vapor that is breathed in through the nose. It can start with something like hair spray and lead to something as toxic as spray gel or insecticides. Someone who uses an inhalant one time can die. The inhalants can cause a heart attack or death in only a matter of minutes. The lungs are filled with the inhalant, inhibiting the oxygen supply to other areas of the body, including the brain.

2. Method of Inhalation Doesn’t Matter

Whether the inhalants are breathed in through the nose or mouth, they can all lead to serious injuries. Some people sniff them, they can be snorted, or they can be bagged. It doesn’t matter which way inhalants enter the body because these chemicals will cause damages. The brain will never be the same again after prolonged use of inhalants. It can even begin to shrink as the brain cells and coils are killed. The memory will be one of the first things to be affected followed by how you learn and ways you think. This is something to monitor if you suspect your child is using inhalants. The performance in school will likely start to decrease, and your child might not care about going to school.

3. The Mood

Inhalants will affect the mood in the body. Nerves are damaged. Since the brain on inhalants doesn’t send messages as quickly to the rest of the body as it normally does, there could be muscle spasms or difficulty breathing because the brain simply doesn’t tell the body what to do on a daily basis. Someone who inhales could start acting depressed. Although medications can help depression, the root cause must be addressed.

4. Hearing Loss

There is the possibility of hearing loss. Chemicals that are found in spray paints and spray gels can cause a loss of hearing, something that many people who use inhalants don’t know about. The bone marrow could even get damaged because the chemicals can absorb into the bones.

5. Organ Damage

Other organs that can be damaged by inhalants include the kidneys, liver, and heart. Chemicals can stay in vital organs for an extended period of time, causing further damage until death occurs or the person experiences severe health issues.

The best thing to do is get help. Contact someone who can help your child deal with the issues that have led to inhaling. A group or doctor can give advice on how to deal with daily issues at school or home as well as give information about how inhalants affect the body.

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