Top 10 Drug Abuse and Their Effects on Women

Drug abuse affects millions of people every day. While both men and women can become addicts, the effects the drugs have on each can be very different. Many types of drugs can be abused by those with addictions. However, for women, some drugs are abused more than others, and the effects they have on them can be devastating.

1. Psilocybin mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms, have been used since the days of dinosaurs to give relaxation to even the most stressed-out cavewoman. However, they can also cause women to have delusions and a sense of invincibility. In fact, many reports have been cited of users walking out or jumping out of windows in high-rise buildings, thinking they can fly or walk on air.

2. LSD, also known as acid, also acts as a hallucinogen in women. Though a drug that’s almost impossible to get addicted to, it produces feelings of relaxation but also makes women think they are living in a different world. Like mushrooms, LSD has led people to jump off buildings, thinking they can fly or walk on clouds. Unfortunately, by the time they realize they can’t do these things, it’s too late.

3. Better known as angel dust, PCP is inhaled or smoked for its powers. An unpredictable drug in women, it can make some animated while others become withdrawn. Other symptoms include paranoia, suicidal impulses and increased aggression.

4. Opium, with the active ingredients of morphine and codeine, is used for painkilling purposes in the medical field. With addicts, it’s used to dull one’s senses and often leads to overdose due to its potency. Females addicted to opium often report feelings of floating on air due to the extreme muscle relaxation the drug provides.

5. Marijuana, the most used recreational drug in the world, is popular with men and women. However, in women it can produce not only feelings of euphoria but also severe problems with dry mouth and short-term memory loss. Many women also take poisonous amounts of the drug when trying to achieve high levels of intense euphoria.

6. Crack cocaine, the most addictive form of cocaine, causes increased irritability, restlessness, insomnia and paranoia in women while also giving them increased cravings for the drug, thus creating a vicious circle.

7. Ecstasy is considered to be a very lethal drug for women, leading to such issues as seizures, rapid rises in body temperature, nausea, vomiting and insomnia. While it has been shown to give users an increased appreciation of music and movement, its side effects far outweigh any positive results.

8. Methamphetamines, simply called meth, are considered by some addiction experts to be the worst drug for women. Extremely addictive, meth can cause women to suffer from fatigue, depression, anxiety, mania, delusions, hallucinations and severe irritability.

9. Cocaine is a dangerous central nervous system stimulant, leading to an increased level of adrenaline in a woman’s blood circulation. As a result, many women suffer fatal heart attacks while consuming this drug.

10. Heroin is the most widely abused drug in the world, most often being injected intravenously. While known to provide intense euphoria, it also leads to many overdoses in women when they keep trying to maintain the euphoria for long periods of time.

If you or your loved ones use any of these drugs, seeking the help of an addictions counselor can be the start of a new life. Confiding in a trusted friend or family member can be the first step toward admitting you have a problem that needs to be addressed. By doing so now, you can start the process of healing both physically and emotionally.

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