Alcohol Rehab For Police Officers

There are many different types of organizations that will gladly help a police officer find just the right alcohol rehabilitation facility. Any person in this position would want to feel comfortable with his decision about the matter. Many alcoholics experience a great deal of shame concerning their addiction. Having a place to talk with people about the issues surrounding rehab and treatment is an important step in dissolving this toxic shame and getting concrete help.

In addition to Alcoholics Anonymous, organizations such as Recovery Connection can provide a police officer with all of the information you may want to explore. These places can also refer you to other organizations, where counselors will guide you through the most important questions you wish to have answered. They’ll make certain all questions are covered, even the ones you don’t remember to ask.

Fear Is the #1 Block to Getting Help

There are many fears to face if you, as a police officer, are going to receive the help you need and deserve. The loss of a job is first and foremost on everyone’s mind when seeking treatment. If you’ve not been fired or relieved of duty, you’re protected by the law and cannot lose your job. It’s best to get into treatment and then notify your work. Health benefits may depend on this approach. There’s nothing illegal or even furtive if you start the process in this way.

Fear that people will lose respect for you is an older notion. When you agree to get help and enter rehab, people are likely to respect you more. You believe that others don’t know you’re drinking, but it’s more likely that they do know. Just because it hasn’t been discussed doesn’t mean anything. If people gossip when you return to work, you’ll have recourse for this problem.

If your family has stayed by your side, they’re not likely to leave you once you’re in recovery. They’ve already been through the worst with you. It’s vital that you realize this.

You may be afraid to face past fears which have originally caused you to drink. This is natural. It’s good to assure yourself that you will do this with the help of the program and people who love you. Reading articles surrounding addiction and treatment are a good way to meet your fears gradually. The Internet is full of appropriate and reassuring articles, as is the public library. It’s important to familiarize yourself with as much information as possible. Otherwise, your addiction and the cure remain elusive to you.

Begin by talking to a spouse, another family member or a trusted friend who already knows that you drink. Tell the individual you want to get help. It may be critical to confide in your doctor to make sure that he is behind you in all of your efforts. Weigh his suggestions concerning all of your issues.

Addicts generally fail to trust others. It’s critical to start breaking down this barrier. Taking steps toward a clean and sober existence is your lifeline. Do this before bad things begin happening to you. Every day that you make an effort toward getting the help you need and deserve is a day that you will grow in courage. This is the courage you need to enter rehab and begin working a program of sobriety. It’s never too soon, nor too late, to do the right thing for yourself and your family.

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