Top 10 Reasons Why People Drink Alcohol

Alcohol. It is a drink that has followed humans around for as long as there have been rudimentary fermentation techniques. While many turn to it for libation, there are still more that turn to it for comfort in some way, turning a casual drink into something far more serious.

1. Stress

Many new drinkers take the feelings gained from alcohol and use them to escape from stress in their lives and as a means to focus their attention on something less constricting. For instance, it is a common trope for a protagonist to come home from a tough day at work and open a beer.

2. Culture

Germans and Irish are known for drinking a lot. Because of its widespread use through the media and in everyday situations, the act of drinking is considered socially acceptable. Individuals drink as a way to form comradery amongst their peers.

3. Forbidden Fruit

Temptation is a powerful way to get people to try something and alcohol is no different. Just think of how many teenagers sneak drinks only because they are told by adults that they may not.

4. Good Times

Media often pairs drinking with parties, smiles and beautiful individuals. Because of this, people tend to associate drinking with positive outcomes. Unfortunately, if they don’t feel they are having a good time, they can easily come to believe they aren’t drunk enough and continue imbibing well past a healthy-intoxication level.

5. Personality

Research has shown us that certain personality characteristics lead to drinking. Including depression, hyperactivity, rebelliousness and anxiousness, alcohol acts a way to enhance or decrease the emotion people are seeking to enhance or reduce.

6. The Effect

Like any drug, alcohol causes physical changes in our bodies by acting on the central nervous system. It depresses and stimulates, leading to feelings of happiness, contentedness or relaxation from stress. Unfortunately, constant drinking leads to tolerance and the necessity to drink more than normal to achieve the desired results.

7. Influence

We look up to people our whole lives; and if they drink, we are more likely to pick up the habit. Parents that drink and treat it in a positive light will more than likely have children that do not know the dangers of drinking too much before it’s too late.

8. Curiosity

It’s a natural reaction to want to try something new just to see what it is like. Some first try it merely to experiment with its effects on them, experience its taste and to see if it is something they would enjoy.

9. Social Environment

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in colleges and universities across the world. Many social activities during these years are built solely around parties or trips to the bars and clubs coupled with drinking. Unless you are always the designated driver, it is more likely that you will join in with the crowd to fit in.

10. Developmental Transitions

From teenager to young adult and then young adult to adult, alcohol is a means by which people tamper with their core beliefs and values as well as their place in society. Alcohol serves as a means to create an image that other people see. It is also taken as a means to discover personal views as to the use of alcohol.

Starting drinking in and of itself is not dangerous, but if left unchecked, can quickly spiral out of control into an addiction that will wreak havoc on personal relationships. If you or a loved one is worried at all, call for help immediately. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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