What Is Teen Alcohol Detox?

Detox is the practice of allowing drugs or alcohol to leave the body safely. For people that have been heavy users of substances for long periods of time, a sudden decrease in consumption can lead to withdrawal effects. Detox centers ensure that a person is safe and secure during this process. For teens suffering from alcohol addiction, alcohol detox followed by treatment can be a successful path to recovery.

Since a teenager’s brain is still developing, their ability to overcome alcohol addiction may be greater than an adult’s. This is why early intervention is key. It may be hard to admit that a child is suffering from substance abuse, but kicking the habit early is imperative to success. Since many adults suffering from addiction began using early in life, it can be more difficult to quit. Helping a teen to understand why they are using and beginning the process of sobriety can lead to a better chance of recovery.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

When a teenager begins to show signs of alcohol abuse, it can be a very scary time for a family. He or she may begin to miss school, disengage with friends, or act out. If a family suspects their teen is suffering from alcohol addiction, it is vital to look at whether detox is necessary to help them begin to heal.

Since alcohol withdrawal can cause a person to feel ill, detox centers are prepared to help the patient feel comfortable. Teens can be quite sensitive to the negative effects of sudden cessation, and many facilities are specially equipped to deal with this. Medical staff is available around the clock to monitor the patient. Staff may decide to use medication to help alleviate negative symptoms.

Families of teens in detox may be concerned with the use of medications to help with the detox process. However, many prescription drugs have been found to greatly reduce discomfort and side effects from withdrawal. Once a patient’s baseline is found, medicines will be tapered off throughout the process until discharge is recommended.

Once a patient has been deemed ready to leave detox, it is vital to enter addiction treatment in order to fully recover from their substance abuse. Detox helps only with the physical effects of addiction; treatment will help patients deal with the mental and emotional effects. Treatment options may include in-patient or out-patient facilities, one-on-one or group counseling, support meetings, and education.

For teens, the alcohol detox treatment is extremely important.

They must begin to understand why they use alcohol or drugs. Negative emotions may come up during this process, but treatment facility staff are prepared to help teenagers deal with these emotions. Counselors with specialized training on teens with addiction have the knowledge to assist patients and help them develop positive coping skills.

When the treatment process is over, a patient may still need help to stay sober. Families must educate themselves on how to help teens in recovery. This may include family counseling, support groups, or even eliminating all alcohol from the home. A pro-social and supportive environment is key for a person suffering from addiction to stay sober. Boundaries must be set and maintained. If a teen is shown that the people around them love them and encourage their recovery, they will be more likely to maintain their progress.

Seeing a loved one, especially a teenager, suffer from alcohol is extremely difficult. To ensure that the teen will succeed, an alcohol detox may be necessary. Families can then rest easy with the knowledge that their teen is safe and getting the help they need to begin their recovery.

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