5 Things That May Put You At Risk for Drug Abuse

When you or someone you love is going through drug abuse or may be frightened about the possibility of becoming dependent on drugs, it’s important to understand what the reasons for this may be in order for you to get the help that is needed. One of the largest factors in determining whether someone is at risk of drug abuse is their family history. To get a closer look at what these risks may be, the following contains five things in your family history that may put you at risk for drug abuse.

History of Alcoholism

One of the primary aspects of a family history that may indicate a possibility of drug abuse is alcoholism. This comes down to genetics and behavior picked up from witnessing family members doing the same things. While a pattern of alcoholism in the family history points more towards alcoholism abuse than anything else, it is a huge sign of greater addictive tendencies in general, which is why drug abuse by future generations can be of particular concern.

History of Drug Abuse or Addiction

The number one factor that may point towards a greater risk of drug abuse for you is drug abuse by past generations, specifically family members that went through drug abuse or addiction when you were a child. As with alcoholism, past drug abuse tends to bring out further addictive tendencies within future generations. If you know of family members that went through drug abuse, it’s important to take preventative measures and at the earliest signs of drug abuse seek help immediately to safeguard against addiction.

History of Depression

Depression is one of the most common reasons as to why someone will resort to abusing drugs. It’s also known that those with a family history of depression will be more susceptible to going through depression themselves. Depression often leads a person to feel as though they need something that can ease the pain of whatever it is they are feeling, which is often nothing. This leads to a greater dependency on drugs, which is why treatment is necessary if you suspect that you might become depressed and resort to abusing drugs or are depressed at this very moment because of family history.

History of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a rare mental illness that often runs through families. Patients that experience Schizophrenia are known to be at a higher risk of abusing drugs. While you may not be going through Schizophrenia at the moment, simply knowing that this is a possibility is a huge burden and has been known to lead people that are more vulnerable to mental illness into taking solace in drugs. It’s important that you address these concerns immediately.

History of Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is something that can run in a family for generations. This causes a risk of drug abuse and addiction as well, particularly if a person knows of this family history and has seen someone they know, including themselves, being abused. In fact, it is estimated that 27 percent of men and 72 percent of women that go through drug abuse have been physically abused during their lifetime. As family history of abuse often leads to this, it’s a vicious cycle that can only be broken upon receiving the proper treatment. As such, if you feel as though yourself or someone you know is at risk for drug abuse because of any of these aforementioned factors, make sure to contact a treatment center or someone that you know can provide help straight away, in order to prevent this abuse before it ever begins.

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