5 Reasons Why Teens Abuse Alcohol

Some kids begin to experiment with alcohol at a very young age. While drinking alcohol may seem like all fun and games at first, the dangerous habit can quickly develop into a full-fledged addiction. Not only will an alcoholic teen’s grades begin to slip, but their physical health and emotional well-being will also gradually decline. Here are five reasons why teens abuse alcohol.

1. Peer Pressure

Unsurprisingly, a teen’s social circle has a major impact on their choice to consume alcohol. Peer pressure remains a big influence on teenagers. In an effort to fit in with the crowd, many adolescents reluctantly take their first sip of alcohol. Some teens actually view drinking alcohol as a rite of passage. Although teenagers cannot legally purchase beer, it is still very accessible at parties and other popular hangout spots.

2. Boredom

The majority of teens have a fair amount of free time on their hands. However, a lot of these young people are able to stay busy by playing sports and participating in afterschool programs. There are also others who enjoy working a part-time job. If these activities do not interest a teen, they may decide to use alcohol as a source of excitement. Teenagers are typically full of energy, so they hate the feeling of being bored.

3. Low Confidence

It is not uncommon for a young person to experience a lack of confidence. As most people know, alcohol has the ability to a lower a person’s inhibitions. Teenagers who are normally shy and reserved may suddenly start to act more social after drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, their newfound self-confidence will typically disappear as soon as the effects of the alcohol wear off. Instead of addressing the root cause of their insecurity, the teen will continue to use alcohol as a crutch. This can create a very risky cycle of alcohol abuse.

4. Emotional Trouble

A hostile living environment can have an extremely negative impact on a teenager’s mental health. The adolescent may be dealing with a number of different problems at home. If he or she is not able find an escape from the situation, they might use alcohol to numb the emotional pain. Sadly, drinking alcohol is not an effective remedy for stress. In fact, the excessive consumption of alcohol may lead to even more emotional trouble.

5. Media Influence

Contrary to common belief, troubled kids are not the only ones who decide to use alcohol. Teens from all walks of life can develop an addiction to alcohol. The media often depicts alcohol use as being fun and entertaining. Many of today’s most popular songs actually reference the use of alcohol. After watching their favorite movie character guzzle down a few shots of liquor, a curious teen could be tempted to drink alcohol for the sheer fun of it.

If you suspect that a teenager has a drinking problem, please seek help as soon as possible. With the proper treatment and counseling, the young person will be able to get their life back on track.

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