Can Alcohol Abuse or Alcoholism Kill?

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Can Kill People

Alcohol has been a highly useful substance for much of our history. The use of alcohol killed germs in drinkable substances. This meant that even if local water supplies were contaminated with diseases, people could still drink fermented beverages and wine. The process of fermentation and adding alcohol helped kill off potentially dangerous substances in the beverage.

Today, in modern times, many of us still drink alcoholic beverages. People also do for a wide variety of reasons. In many instances, alcoholic beverages are offered as part of a social occasion such as a small party or large company get together. Drinking alcohol can have advantages. Doing so often helps people feel more relaxed and at ease. People can drink and feel less uncomfortable in large groups. Alcohol, when consumed in minor amounts, can also have potential health benefits. Studies have shown that people who consume small amounts of alcohol may live longer than those who consume none at all. A small taste of alcohol can also help bring out the flavor of certain foods. Cooking alcohol is widely used for this purpose by both professional and amateur cooks. A small bit of alcohol is ideal for use in many basic recipes.

However, while alcohol in small amounts is generally harmless, the same is not true for larger amounts of alcohol. One’s tolerance for alcohol can vary from person to person. Some groups of people can tolerate relatively large amounts of alcohol. They may be able to consume multiple servings of alcohol in a short time frame without showing any short term or even long term effects. They may be able to convince others they have consumed very little alcohol when the opposite is true.

Dangers of Alcohol

Others will find that even small amounts of alcohol can have serious and detrimental effects on their wellbeing. In that instance, even a small bit of alcohol may make it hard for them to carry about basic tasks such as driving to work.

In general, excess consumption of alcohol is known as alcoholism or alcohol abuse. All people are vulnerable to this potentially harmful and even deadly problem. Alcohol abuse happens when someone drinks too much alcohol. Too much consumption of this product can make it impossible for the person to perform the activities necessary for them to carry out their needs such as need to watch children and earn a living.

In some cases, long term alcohol abuse can lead to certain diseases. The liver is the organ in the body that removes toxins from our blood. The liver will generally be able to remove alcohol from someone’s blood. However, long term heavy use of alcohol can severely damage a person’s liver. Too much consumption of alcohol can simply overwhelm the liver’s ability to remove it from the body. Alcohol abuse can also damage the liver itself. It can damage the ducts of the liver and the entire organ.

In that case, a person may need to seek out treatment such drugs to help the liver function better. If the liver is beyond repair, the person may need to go on a liver transplant list. A person with a prior history of alcohol abuse may face serious obstacles when applying for the liver transplant list and may even be denied access to the list at all.

Alcohol can also impair one’s judgment when crossing the street or operating a motor vehicle. Someone can easily get into a car accident because alcohol has made it hard for them to make basic driving decisions.

In such instances, alcoholism can indeed kill people.

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