Stress and Alcoholism

Why High Stress Jobs Lead to Alcoholism

Stress is something that most people have to deal with in their lives. However, some people are forced to deal with it more than others. Whether this stress is caused by pressure at work, family difficulties, financial problems or some other reason, there is no question that stress can have a negative impact on your health. One of the problems resulting from stress that does not get talked about a lot is alcoholism. There have been studies conducted which clearly indicate that a large amount of people consume alcoholic beverages as a means of dealing with the stress created by their everyday lives. Many people find it easier to reach for a bottle than to reach out to a friend or family member for the help and support they desperately need. It is not the worst thing in the world for a person to relax with an ice cold beer or whiskey on the rocks after a hard day at the office. However, there are people who don’t know when to stop. Unfortunately, when certain individuals are trying to cope with unusual levels of stress, they will often try to drown their sorrows and escape into a bottle. This type of situation rarely ends well for the person or their loved ones. The job market is now more competitive than it has ever been before. People with graduate degrees from top colleges are finding it hard to find employment. For people who are lucky enough to find work, it is often hard to move up the ladder with the backstabbing that often goes on in the corporate environment. It is basically every man and woman for themselves. For people with the added responsibility of raising a family and putting food on the table, the stress of keeping their job and being the sole breadwinner can often be too much. It is at this point when alcohol usually starts to rear its ugly head.

The stress that a job creates on an employee can be created by several different factors:

1. The boss

We have all worked a job with an overbearing boss. However, some bosses are much worse than others. If a person works long hours for a mean, unappreciative boss who is constantly riding them, it could eventually cause them to seek refuge inside a bottle. While common sense would say to quit a job like this, it is often not that simple. If it is a good job, or if the person would have trouble finding other employment, their only choice is to stay and endure the daily torment from their boss.

2. Pressure to advance

Perhaps there is a promotion that you desperately need and you feel you deserve. However, your boss awards it to a person who has been with the company only a fraction of the time you have. This can be very tough to take, especially if you are in a situation where you need the extra money that the promotion would pay you. Some people may start drinking to sooth the pain of their missed opportunity.

3. Long hours

Jobs that demand long hours or constant travel can increase a person’s level of stress. Not getting enough sleep and being away from family while on business trips can drive people to drink.

4. Other employees

Some people may feel that other employees are trying to sabotage them in order to steal their job. In many cases, this is exactly what is going on. If the stress from your job has you feeling overwhelmed and you are tempted to drink, there is somewhere you can turn for help. Take the first step and get help today so you can begin on the path to a sober life.

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