Rehab Centers Require You to Quit Caffeine and Tobacco?

Most rehab centers approach addiction to caffeine and tobacco as an opportunity to help each patient reach greater health. Many times, the vicious cycle of addiction reaches over into other behavior patterns that can pose a serious health risk to the patient. Tobacco and caffeine fall into this category and are linked to heart disease, high blood pressure and other serious illnesses.

Small might victories help

Breaking the pattern of addiction with drugs like heroin, cocaine and alcohol can involve a serious psychological struggle as the body begins to exert its old cravings. This can be extremely painful. However, if a patient chooses to take on a smaller battle with nicotine and caffeine, it can sometimes lead to smaller victories that can lend moral strength in overcoming more serious addictions. But it is important to note, that most rehab centers consider this the patient’s choice as long as she or he has a doctor’s approval.

You voluntarily say, “No” to addiction

Low self-esteem can often lead to addiction, since the drug of choice can often drown out negative tapes. When a patient decides to quit a lesser addiction, like the urge to smoke, she or he can often prove to themselves that they have the strength to say “No” to addiction and “Yes” to health. This can help build momentum and provide the proof that addiction can be overcome.

A path to self-improvement

Voluntarily deciding in favor of health and kicking a lesser addiction like caffeine and/or tobacco can be life affirming and self-affirming. It is a way to exert control when life seems to tell you that you have absolutely no control and can do nothing to improve yourself.

The link between caffeine and tobacco consumption and other addictions

However, many recovering people believe that taking on an additional addiction can only intensify the pain of withdrawal. This may be true for some, yet many people in recovery have found that choosing health while they have the benefit of a rehab support network has been liberating. Studies have found that some addictions can be linked to habitual cigarette smoking and caffeine consumption, and for people in recovery, breaking this link could be key to breaking the more serious addiction.

Rewards for quitting!

Many rehab centers sponsor paid smoking cessation with their patients’ speedier recovery and greater health in mind. The prize money for quitting smoking, usually between $50 to $100, allows patients to reward themselves for healthy behavior and also allows others in recovery to acknowledge the patient’s victory.

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Quitting caffeine and/or tobacco during rehab is a personal decision and should be thought through carefully. The patient’s physical and mental condition should dictate whether withdrawal from these substances is feasible. It may be easier to break dependency on nicotine or caffeine when full psychological and medical support is available at the rehab center. If the rehab doctor states that withdrawal from caffeine and/or tobacco might work, the health benefits and a cash bonus may make it well worth the gamble.

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