How to Stop Drinking

Alcohol addiction is very destructive. Minor drinking can quickly spiral out of control until alcohol is needed at all times during the day. Fortunately, you can recover from alcohol addiction. You will need to take several steps in order to stop drinking.

Acknowledge the Problem

The first step is to acknowledge the problem. You need to look at how your drinking is hurting your life and the lives of those around you. This is important because recovery from alcohol addiction only works if you are prepared to change. You should understand the extent of your drinking. You should be prepared to seek help from outside sources. Be certain you are ready to make a major life change that could involve weeks, months or years of recovery.

Avoid Friends Who Are Drinking

Pressure from friends can be a major problem when you’re trying to stop drinking. The pressure from a group of friends who drink regularly can derail your entire effort to get clean and sober. You will want to start avoiding friends who are drinking. This could mean not physically seeing them. It could mean not talking to them at all if every communication seems to occur when they are drunk or drinking. You will want to continue avoiding these bad influences until you have the tools necessary to resist drinking in social situations.

Build a Support Network

The next step is to start building a support network. This network can include family members, sober friends and professionals who provide treatment and advice. You want the network to contain positive and supportive people who understand what you are going through. A support network is important for the future because these people will help when you feel at risk of a relapse. They also provide emotional support that can quickly replace the sensations caused by alcohol.

Break Old Routines

The next step is to start breaking old routines. Drinking usually starts to become part of a daily routine. You want to begin doing different things during the times when you would usually drink or buy alcohol. This can mean taking a different route home so that you do not pass liquor stores. It could mean going out for a long walk instead of sitting at home doing nothing after work. It can also mean taking up a new hobby that you do not associate with drinking. This can all help you to stop drinking.

Get a Medical Assessment

You need to get a medical assessment before you stop drinking. This is best done through an addiction treatment center. If you suddenly stop drinking, then you could go into alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal can be very dangerous. It can lead to hallucinations, heart palpitations and even seizures in extreme cases. You do not want to go through the detox process alone if you are addicted to alcohol. A medical assessment can reveal that you need professional detox at a treatment center.

Go to a Professional Inpatient Treatment Center

If you are worried about withdrawal or have a serious addiction, then you should go to a professional inpatient treatment center. These centers provide medically supervised detox that is safe. They also provide you with counseling and treatment that can help you to stop drinking more easily. These centers can provide personalized attention and personalized programs that address your specific issues with alcohol. You might also be able to access aftercare programs that can become part of your long-term support network.

Quitting drinking is a challenge that can provide many rewards for an entire lifetime. The process is not easy and is sometimes unsafe to go through alone. Your best chance for recovery is going to an inpatient treatment center with medical detox facilities. You can leave the center free from alcohol and ready to start a new life.

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