Addiction Sponsor – 3 Reasons Why You Should Have One

Addiction Sponsors can be a great resource for someone in need. They stand as someone to go to when you are feeling lost, but also someone who has been in your shoes and understands where you are coming from. Often times they can pull someone with addiction out of a challenging bout they may experience during their 12-step program. They stand in as a coach but also a teacher. Here are a few reasons why having a great addiction sponsor can lead toward an even greater recovery.

1. They give you friendship.

When people undergo treatment for addiction recovery, or first arrive at an addiction treatment center, they can feel a little lost. It can be intimidating to have a true friend during times of addiction, when you may have lost the support of friends or family, or have friends that are bad influences on your behavior. Though the 12-step program begins with just regular meetings that provide a basic support group and a temporary sponsor, at some point you will want to find your permanent sponsor. An addiction sponsor stands as a trustworthy and reliable resource that can keep you on track during your recovery period.

2. You are more likely to recover.

According to a study conducted by John Kelley at the Harvard Medical School, those who create a solid network of people around them during treatment are much more likely to recover from addiction. Those in the study with addiction sponsors had better coping skills as well as improved motivation to recover due to the support and networks created during their time in a 12-step program.

3. They will not let you down and keep you on track.

As mentioned before, an addiction sponsor is a friend. They are someone who you can rely on as a source of encouragement and inspiration. They also should be someone who has been sober for five or more years, so they are strong-willed in their determination to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Their inspiration can help keep your recovery consistent and potentially stand as a model of reference for when and if you become an addiction sponsor for someone else down the road.

But, they also have been in your shoes. They may have a story to share that could help motivate you. They will keep you on track by regularly checking in, and assigning you homework that requires referencing the 12-step method. Even simple assignments may help retain your focus of the mission at hand and give you the purpose to keep moving in the right direction.

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