Online Addiction Recovering Program

People who struggle with an addiction to drugs and alcohol should turn to addiction treatment centers where they can get inpatient substance abuse treatment to help them regain control of their lives. Of course, going to rehab is only half the battle. Once people leave these facilities, they are expected to remain clean and sober in the outside world – something that is easier said than done. Sometimes, people may still need the structure of a rehab program to carry them through the day once they have left an addiction center, and that is where online addiction recovering program can help.

The Kentucky Lexington Herald-Leader recently published an article explaining that a local company has been working to create an in-depth resource for people who may need a little extra help adjusting to life outside of rehab. The program is called Recovering(me) and it is a 36-lesson online curriculum focused on addiction education. Once individuals purchase a subscription to the program, they will be able to review educational videos and information, then take a quiz to show they understand the material. Furthermore, people will be able to have their counselors, doctors or even drug court officials monitor their progress as they go through the lessons.

Filling the gap

The news source spoke to Drew Ingram, chief executive officer of Recovering(me), who explained that he began working on the project with his father, Tom Ingram, M.D., in 2009. Tom treated patients who had addiction problems for years, and found that he did not have the time to provide both medication-assisted therapy to aid in withdrawal symptoms and behavioral therapy or counseling, which is why he was interested in creating this program with his son to help him reach out to patients more thoroughly.

The Kentucky Lexington Herald-Leader also spoke to Holly Dye, vice president for sales and marketing at Recovering(me), who had experience in researching drug addiction, including a stint at University of Kentucky Center on Drug and Alcohol Research, before becoming a part of this project. She explained that while drug rehabs and other programs can help addicts get off drugs, programs like these can help them stay off drugs in the long run.

“It is the same as someone who has diabetes. They have to learn that this is something that is not going to go away and how to handle it,” Dye explained to the news source.

Online addiction recovering program is not for everyone

While it sounds as though Recovering(me) may be a good resource for some individuals, often, online rehabilitation services are not enough. Psych Central explained that for many people, residential treatment facilities that offer inpatient treatment services are the best choice. This is particularly true for people who require detoxification services because they are concerned about experiencing the symptoms of withdrawal. These programs offer people the chance to stay in a safe and structured environment where they can be taken away from all of the stressors that cause them to feel the urge to use.

There are also outpatient treatment programs available that share many of the same qualities of inpatient programs, but give people more of an opportunity to hold up their existing commitments to work and family. While these programs can be very effective, they may not be enough for some individuals who have very serious drug and alcohol problems. People should assess their issues with a counselor who can help them determine which course of action could be best for them.

Regardless of which program people choose, it is never a bad idea to seek help for an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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