Social Wellness Month: What is Stress?

In case you didn’t know, July is Social Wellness Month, so I thought we’d do a 3 part series on Stress. Stress management is an essential skill for anyone, and effective stress management essential for those in recovery.

Before entering recovery treatment, many use substances as a stress management tool. There are countless reasons why this ‘solution’ fails in the long run, though of course it offers temporary relief. Now that substances are no longer a viable option, it’s important to practice stress reduction strategies in order to maintain non-addictive behaviors. The key to productively cope with addiction is the understanding of stress and the necessary tools to regulate and balance it.

Stress is related to both external and internal factors. External factors can be occupation, relationships, physical environment and all other challenges we’re confronted with on a daily basis. Internal factors determine the body’s ability to respond to and deal with the external stress-inducing factors.
Internal factors, which influence your ability to handle stress, include:
– Nutrition
– Overall health and fitness levels
– Emotional wellbeing
– The ability to regulate stress through relaxation techniques
– Rest/sleeping patterns

Managing stress can involve learning tips that work to change the external factors that confront you, or the internal factors that strengthen your ability to deal with whatever comes your way.

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