Top 4 Drug Use Situations That Require Professional Help

A loved one who has become, or is on the brink of becoming addicted drugs or alcohol needs professional help. Sometimes, having a successful straight-talking conversation with him or her that results in letting go of the drug is possible (oh, if it were only that easy!) but professional help is almost always necessary in helping the individual live a sober life.

Here are the top 4 situations in which your loved one should be encouraged to receive professional help as soon as possible:

1. They’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal means he or she has turned physically dependent on the drug, and needs help to get past the addiction. While each drug has different side effects, common symptoms for all drugs and alcoholism typically include sweating, anxiety, depression, shakiness, irritability and insomnia. Experiencing withdrawal can be dangerous, and should not be attempted on one’s own and without professional/medical assistance. Plus, the extra support and counseling provided by a treatment professional during the detox phase is highly beneficial.

2. They’re showing violent behavior. A loved one might be putting themselves — or you and your loved ones — at risk because of their addiction, physically, emotionally and beyond. Many, many crimes are committed by people seeking drugs, or under the influence. For your safety and that of your loved ones, it’s necessary to seek professional help for an addicted loved one who has turned violent.

3. They’re ruining their life or isolating themselves. Addicts can quickly burn through bridges. Therefore, for the sake of your loved one, it may be necessary to convince him or her to get help. Drug addiction and alcoholism can cause a person to lose their job, their home, their friendships, their money and their family. And because of the devotion to addiction, the areas of life that truly matter most, often suffer the most.

4. They’ve received treatment before, and are relapsing. Relapse happens, and it’s okay. Someone who has gone through rehabilitation and treatment and is trying to live a sober life should be encouraged to get help as soon as they start to relapse — the sooner the better, in order to get the person back on a track.

If you see your family member heading in a bad direction — and you’ll know it when it does — or if they’ve already there, get them some help. A professional rehabilitation facility will take the reigns.

Recovery requires the help and support of others.

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