Should Disney’s Magic Kingdom Serve Alcohol?

(image via CBS Local)

For many visitors, the Happiest Place on Earth is about to get even happier. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL has been a worldwide destination for more than 40 years. Now, for the first time, wine and beer will be served there — and the debate has officially begun.

According to the New Jersey Newsroom, customer service cards were showing many guests in favor of imbibing at Be Our Guest, the soon-to-be-opened French-themed restaurant at Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland. And so, for now, alcohol will be served at the new restaurants during dinner hours only — and one glass will range from $8 to $17(!)

Many Disney lovers are happy with the news, think wine and beer pairs well with a French-themed restaurant and/or feel it’s a modern and “of-the-times” step for the company. Others, however, are saddened with the idea of alcohol being served at Disneyworld, because Walt Disney himself didn’t want it served there, and/or it’s inappropriate “in a park that’s geared toward children” and “‘keeping it a dry park enforces the wholesomeness of being a child.'” (The Examiner)

Do you think alcohol should be served at Magic Kingdom?

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