How Teens Can Say ‘No!’ to Drugs in 15 Ways

Drugs and alcohol will inevitably come into some kind of contact with your teen at some point in his or her adolescence — and unfortunately, peer pressure plays a huge part in teen substance use.

When arming your teen with insight about the dangerous combination of drugs and peer pressure, it’s important to offer to your teen ways to say ‘no’ when a friend or peer lends an invitation join in on substance use. Your teen may be scared or intimidated to go against the crowd, but speaking up and saying no does evoke a sense of confidence key in building self-esteem as a young adult.

If and when they’ll need them, here are 15 different ways to say ‘no’ to drugs, alcohol and peer pressure.

Use an excuse!

1.  Ugh, I can’t stay…  My dad is making me help him with something.

2.  That stuff actually makes me sick, last time I threw up for hours!

3.  I’m meeting so-and-so in a few minutes.

4.  No way… my parents have been watching my every move.

Say ‘it’s dangerous!’

5.  That stuff is so bad for you, don’t know what it can do?

6.  Why would you use that junk? It’s gonna kill you!

7.   You didn’t hear about that kid who died from doing that?!

8.  If you want to kill yourself, go ahead. I don’t want to.

9.  You’re crazy!

Just be honest.

10.  Sorry. You’re my friend, but I’m just not into that.

11.  My mom would ground me if she found out, and it’s not worth getting in trouble.

12.  Honestly, I have too many good things going on. I don’t have time for drugs.

13.  If I got caught, I’d be suspended from the team. It’s not worth it.

14.  Forget it. There’s no way I’m doing it.

15.  My life is way too important. Sorry.

Once teens proclaim their ‘no’ they should be ready to leave the situation — immediately. If an argument or further peer pressure ensues, it could lead to your teen giving in and partaking in the drug use.

Remember, and enforce this: teens tend to follow a leader among them. Sometimes, all it takes is a positive influence to say ‘no’ to inspire others. Let your teen by that leader!

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