Obama Signs Federal Law Banning Synthetic Drugs

Last Monday, Barack Obama signed a food and drug safety bill with provisions outlawing Spice, 2C-E and other synthetic drugs – dangerous substances that have become hugely popular, especially among teens.

The new law bans the 2C-E hallucinogen, along with eight similar substances, including K2, also called spice — and the now infamous “bath salts” which are intended to mimic cocaine and methamphetamine, yet have strange and deadly physical and psychological side effects closer to high-level hallucinogens.

Young people all over the country have landed themselves in emergency rooms with synthetic drug illnesses, with symptoms of excessive sweating and inabilities to communicate, and police have been attributing more and more deaths to synthetic drugs.

According to Echo Press, “U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar  said rural communities have a special problem with synthetic drugs because it is hard to get scientists to go to the more remote areas to prove the chemicals are illegal. Spelling out the major chemicals used to make the drugs, as in the new federal law, should help…  Calls to poison control centers about synthetic drugs have quadrupled since 2010, Klobuchar said.

The synthetic drug provision was included in a broader bill that also increases food safety inspection controls. Plus, the bill contained Klobuchar provisions to help prevent drug shortages and a plan pushed by U.S. Senator Al Franken, DFL-Minnesota, to get life-saving medical devices to patients quicker.”

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