Illinois & Indiana Come Together to Fight Meth!

Illinois and Indiana’s government heavy-hitters, including both Attorney Generals, law enforcement members and state reps, came together at a conference this past Tuesday in Evansville, IN, to join forces as state border mates and fight against methamphetamine and synthetic drugs — substances that have become major problems in both states. In 2011, Illinois had 573 meth lab seizures in 2011, Indiana 1,437.

According to the DailyRegister, “[Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan] said that the drug was a tough one to fight because of the availability of the products used to produce it. [Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller] added that there would have to be new approaches taken to fight the problem, and making pseudoephedrine a prescription drug was not off the table. Zoeller did say that the prescription proposal does present the problem of pushing the sale into neighboring states and that it is important not to pass Illinois and Indiana’s problem into other states.

“‘Drugs do not know a border,” said Madigan. “When you have meth addicts, they are going to travel wherever needed to get the product they need to produce the drug. We have seen this in the Southern Illinois and Southern Indiana regions.'”

In addition to the possibility of making pseudoephedrine a prescription drug in Illinois in Indiana, (other states already require a prescription for the allergy and sinus medication, due to its role in making meth) the Attorney Generals also discussed dangers in using the increasingly popular synthetic drug — and that when a law is passed, drug manufacturers alter the chemical compound to keep the product legal. Both Madigan and Zoeller agree — states should boost the amount of legal pressure placed on retailers who sell synthetic substances.

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