Crackdown On Prescription Trafficking; NYC Doctors & Nurses Charged!

Yesterday, it was reported that federal and state authorities in Manhattan and Long Island have charged 98 people with prescription painkiller trafficking and abuse.

Those charged include two doctors and a nurse who knowingly allowed or helped traffickers lie, steal and forge their way into large amounts of painkillers to illegally sell back to users. Other individuals charged were involved with oxycodone, klonopin and methadone trafficking/hooking up friends with prescriptions.

According to Reuters, “As a result of the federal-state crackdown, a doctor in Great Neck on Long Island was charged on Wednesday with selling oxycodone prescriptions to traffickers for cash. In a separate case, another Long Island doctor was charged with prescribing 782,032 oxycodone pills between January 2009 and November 2011 to people he knew were addicted to the drugs and without giving a medical examination.

“‘Pharmacy robberies, overdose deaths, drugged driving incidents and the illegal dispensation of prescription drugs are all on the rise,'” Kathleen Rice, the Nassau County district attorney, said in a statement.”

If convicted, each physician alone faces 7-20 years in prison.

Prescription trafficking can result in accidents, illnesses and overdoses. Do you feel the punishment for those convicted, fits the crime?

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