One UK Child 5-Years-Or-Under is Taken to the ER Each Week!?

The NHS, England’s National Heath Service, reported this week that every week, one London child under the age of five is taken to the hospital due to alcohol consumption. At least six incidents involved babies under 12 months with alcohol in their systems accidentally, or their parents gave them alcohol to help them fall asleep.

According to the UK’s Mirror, “…last week an 11-year-old girl was rushed to hospital in Gloucester after drinking what police said was a vast quantity of vodka which had been concealed in a soft drinks bottle… Prof Mark Bellis, of the Centre for Public Health, said cheap supermarket deals had led to a massive increase in the amount of alcohol stored at homes – putting children at risk.”

England is no stranger to these scary statistics. Back in 2008, the DailyMail reported, “The youngest victims [of accidental alcohol poisoning] are among 1,800 children who have been treated in London casualty units for drink-related problems in the past two years.”

Needless to say, this is a disgrace no matter where in the world these babies live. Parents everywhere must consistently monitor all of the alcohol in their homes… even mouthwash, cleaners and hand sanitizers contain alcohol that can harm infants.

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