Alcohol-Infused Tampons: New Trend Among Teens?

Well, this is strange and scary… as if whip-cream cans and cough syrup wasn’t enough, tampons are a new trend in getting buzzed, and teens are at the helm.

Some say it’s just an urban myth, while others believe actual, reported cases of alcohol poisoning as a direct result of soaked tampons, in which alcohol — vodka especially — is infused and inserted into the body as a way to feel the effects “without showing any obvious signs of intoxication,” like booze breath. It’s also a way to feel those effects faster, as the alcohol enters the bloodstream without passing through the stomach. says, “Possible consequences range from irritations of the vagina and rectum to death from alcohol poisoning… This can lead to complications later in life during labor for females. More importantly, alcohol consumption this way is very dangerous because your body has no way of regulating how much alcohol you’ve had. Since it enters straight into the bloodstream, there is no longer the vomiting sign to tell you: You have had too much to drink. This is very dangerous because you can have alcohol poisoning without knowing it.”

What do you think… are alcohol-soaked tampons just a myth floating around, intended to “demonize” teens and scare parents… or a tragically-true trend and testament to the very real issue of underage drinking?

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