Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention

Leslie Carter passed away earlier this month, and family members feel like they have been “completely blindsided”. Reality tv star and the sister of two pop sensations, Carter’s death is surprisingly similar to many other young deaths in our country.

Leslie Carter was just 25 when she died. She was thought to be living a normal, healthy life, enjoying her new-found fame. Leslie was the sister of Backstreet Boys Aaron and Nick Carter, and recently became a star herself on the reality show “House of Carters”. Reports say that there were no visible signs of trauma at the time of her death, and toxicology results are pending.

Possible Drug Overdose

Like other young deaths that come as a shock to family, Carter’s family is having a hard time believing that her death might have been related to drugs. “The family legitimately doesn’t know what happened,” a source close to the Carter family said. “They’re still trying to find out.” (1) Rumors say that Carter had been struggling with prescription drug abuse and that her death may have been an overdose. It will be some time before we know for sure, but Carter’s family and fans are preparing themselves for the fact that it could have been drugs that took the life of this young star.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Young lives are lost too often because of drug overdose, and the number of prescription drug overdoses is increasing every year. Prescription drugs now take more lives than traffic accidents and more than illicit drugs. However, many parents, teachers, and even friends are not aware that a young person is addicted to prescription pills. This kind of addiction is not always as visible as others, and many people can lead a fairly functional life despite it. Prescription painkillers, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety pills are dangerous nonetheless, and taking too many, or in combination with other drugs or alcohol, can be deadly.

A Serious Problem

Many young people do not see the seriousness of prescription drug abuse. Many people, especially young celebrities and teens familiar with the party scene, experiment with prescription drugs and all too often get hooked before they can stop themselves. We need to educate kids starting at a young age about the dangers of prescription drugs. The teens of today have certainly seen enough of their idols or celebrities die from overdoses, yet the message is still not getting across.

We can’t stop with teens, though. Parents also need to be more involved and find ways to help keep their kids from abusing prescription drugs. All parents should talk to their young child, their pre-teen, and their teen and young adult about the dangers of drugs. Parents should stay involved in their child’s everyday life and keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. Any sign of drug abuse, or change in daily habits or friends, or increase in health problems should be a red flag and parents should investigate further to see if their child really does need help.


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