The Importance of the Right Recovery Plan

Many people looking in from the outside find the addiction treatment industry to be quite confusing. There are detoxes and inpatient and outpatient treatment and therapy. Those working to help people get sober can range from volunteers to professionals, and doctors, or nurses, or therapists, and the lists go on and on. There are also a wide range of treatment programs that can help different people, based on their needs and interests.

The Cost of Addiction

Addiction is very costly. The total cost placed on society by drug and alcohol addiction is estimated to be $600 billion, accounting for things like lost productivity, criminal justice system, and health care. An estimated 46 million Americans abuse alcohol and illicit drugs, and many more abuse prescription drugs and other substances and activities.

Our country also spends more than $12 billion a year on addiction treatment, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. When comparing the cost of addiction to the cost of treatment, we should see that it is more economical to spend the money to treat someone with a drug or alcohol addiction, rather than cover the costs associated with their addiction. This should be incentive to encourage more people to get into treatment.

If we break it down to the individual level, we see more than just financial reasons to promote treatment. We see lives that are faltering because they are being controlled by an addiction. We see people dying, people losing their family and children, and people losing their ability to function in society. So many of these 46 million Americans are headed nowhere, unless they get the help they need.

The Right Recovery

As we head into Recovery Month this week, we should be reminded of how important recovery is. This Recovery Month, if you or someone you know needs help with an addiction, consider getting help. Don’t put it off any longer.

The recovery industry has been growing in recent years, and continues to improve. There are so many options available for treatment, including different programs, different philosophies, and different locations. There are natural treatment programs, luxury treatment facilities, family treatment, and treatment designed specifically for different ages and types of people like teens, the elderly, and public safety workers.

The important thing is to find the right treatment for each individual’s needs. Most people will require a continuum of care, starting with detox and inpatient and moving gradually to outpatient and then support group sessions.

Because of the vast array of treatment options, it is necessary to plan a program specifically for each individual. Everyone should have a plan that has been designed for them, for the best chance at success.


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