Could Amy Have Been Saved?

Tragically, another celebrity has died. We can’t say that it was a surprise or that we didn’t see it coming that Amy Winehouse was so close to death. It is just hard to watch someone spin so badly out of control, without being able to do anything to stop it. It happens in our own lives too that someone we know and love seems beyond help. Maybe we have been there ourselves, or maybe we are that person right now. Let this disturbing death be a warning; it’s time to get help.

The Death of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse died Saturday at the young age of 27. She had been so desperately addicted to drugs and alcohol, that even though the world knew of her problem, no one could stop it. She battled with addiction and depression in her final years, unable to perform even though she had millions of fans waiting to hear from her. Winehouse had been described as a natural talent, even through her drug abuse. Many people this week are lamenting the fact that this individual won’t accomplish all she could have if things would have worked out differently.

The Grip of Drug Addiction

The death is not a surprise, but it is still painful. It reminds us of how often drug addiction ends tragically. There may be people in our own lives who are heading down that path of destruction. It starts quietly at first, with the person experimenting with drugs or alcohol. Maybe they only occasionally use, but the drug use eventually happens more and more, as the person gets accustomed to the feeling and craves it more. By the time a person is addicted to the drugs, recovery is much more difficult. If drug addiction is allowed to continue on, the person begins heading down that path of no return. Oftentimes alcohol abuse and depression also join in, and then the person really begins to lose control.

Early Intervention

Amy’s family tried to get her help numerous times. She, like many others, tried detox but never stayed with it very long. Eventually, fans, critics, and the world felt it was simply too late for Amy. However, as long as someone is still alive, there is still hope.

It is important to get help early for drug addiction, but we as a society still refuse to admit there is a problem until the last possible moment. We think having a little fun with drugs is ok, or that we just need to give a person some space to come around. Too many people are spiraling out of control. Amy Winehouse was just someone doing it publicly. We need to get professional help for these people before it is too late. The right treatment can be very effective, but it needs to happen now.


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