Self Harm Videos

You can find a variety of questionable videos on YouTube. The popular Internet site is pretty lenient when it comes to the content of its posts. Some people are raising questions about some types of videos that may be causing harm among our teenagers.

Reasons for Self Harm

The videos in question feature teens harming themselves, doing such things as cutting. Self injury like this is a disturbing problem particularly among teen girls. It often occurs when the teen is suffering from some sort of mental disorder such as depression, anxiety disorders, or even eating disorders. The cutter will use a sharp object to inflict mild to moderate physical injury to their arms or legs. The reasons a person may do this are varied, but most do it either to help deal with emotions that are so painful that they need a release, or to help stimulate emotions when they feel so emotionally numb or dead. Either way, the teen who self injures receives a rush when the physical pain is felt, and it helps the person forget their troubles for the moment.

An Addiction

The act of self injury is very much like drug addiction in the way it makes the participant feel a high or a rush. Also like drug abuse, the process is very addicting. Young people who cut even a few times can become as addicted to the act as a drug addict is to their drugs. Those who are stopped early have a better chance at a quick recovery, and those who have been cutting for a longer period of time may struggle with it for the rest of their life, even with counseling.

Videos Causing Concern

That’s one reason why the online videos are causing such opposition. For some people, the videos can be triggers for them to start cutting again. Just as a recovering drug addict who goes back to their old drug-dealing friends and contacts will be more likely to relapse, a cutter watching video of the act can trigger those cravings to do it again.

The other reason for concern over these videos is that they may lure some curious teens into trying it. There really is no good reason to plant those thoughts into young people’s minds. Even the videos with an anti-self harm message often have a negative impact on young people because they miss the real message and instead see something they might want to try.

On the one hand, it is important to get the message out that teens are doing this self injuring. Parents and teachers need to know the risks and the symptoms so they can get help for anyone who needs it. On the other hand, we have to be careful about what our children are being exposed to on the Internet.


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