Losing a Job

There are a few times in life when we feel really, really low. Some people are more deeply affected by changes in life or minor setbacks. Losing a job is one such change that can be devastating, no matter how easygoing the person is. Losing a job can negatively affect a person’s whole life.

Emotional Stress

Being let go from a job, whether being fired, or laid off, or “phased out”, often makes someone question their purpose in life. It’s a blow to the ego, and it can make someone feel inferior to former co-workers or to anyone else who does have a job. In the economy we’ve been experiencing for the past few years, lay offs are common, and job markets are fierce. To know that there are others in the same out of work position, however, does not usually make people feel better. Along with the emotional let down of losing a job comes the lack of income and usually the termination of health benefits, things that can also take a toll on our lives.


Joblessness can often lead to substance abuse. Enduring the shock of losing a job can be frustrating, it can make someone fearful of how they will make ends meet, and it can lead to depression. These feelings are all ones that some people try to relieve with drugs or alcohol. If we can’t do anything to fix the problem, it is sometimes just easier to self-medicate our problems away. This is the time when people will drink more, or will try drugs that make them feel better, in order to forget their troubles.

But substance abuse will not get someone’s job back, and abusing drugs or alcohol will usually make a bad situation worse. Not only will the person decrease their chances at being a good candidate for a new job, but drugs and alcohol cost money, which an unemployed person probably doesn’t have much of.

Stay on Your Feet

Losing a job is a hard change to go through, and with all the extra time on one’s hands the temptation to drink or do drugs will be even greater. Someone who has lost a job should begin the search for new work right away. Set goals for how many applications you will do in a week, or make plans right away to cut back on spending for the time being. By continuing to work toward goals, it will be easier to keep moving forward and bypassing the self destructive behavior. Someone who feels devastated by the loss of their job should continue with a healthy lifestyle by eating right and being active. If depression takes over and you simply can’t get out of a slump, and are considering self-medicating, get help right away. Find a counselor who will help you through this time. If drugs or alcohol have made their way in already, get help from a treatment professional.


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