Drug rehab aftercare programs

Finding appropriate drug rehab aftercare programs for people being discharged from addiction treatment can be a daunting task for family, friends and professionals. One of the problems is finding the right one for your needs emotional, mentally and spiritually. Then once you find the right aftercare program style you then need to find one that is in your desired area. Sometimes recommendations will be made for an aftercare program not near home for clinical reasons. The trend in drug rehabilitation as of late is that it is better for someone newer in recovery to be further away from their place of abuse and dependence as relapse rates are often less.

What to look for when choosing a drug rehab aftercare program?

A residential setting is very common when looking into aftercare programs close behind the is outpatient treatment. Appropriate level of care is important when looking into aftercare. Hopefully the discharge planner or counselor will make recommendations based on need. Some of things to look for when given a referral or researching a program are reputation, cleanliness and structure.

Reputation: Try to find a place with history or at the very least some alumni or former clients to talk to about their experience. Just because a discharge planner recommends it doesn’t mean it has a great reputation or the right fit. You would hope that the aftercare program is flawless but as we know none are.

Cleanliness: See if you can stop by for a site visit in take a look around. If the program is far away then least get an idea of who does the cleaning from the admissions person. Most outpatient programs are held in office spaces but that doesn’t mean the employees aren’t responsible for the maintaining of the building. If it is residential setting and the clients or guest are responsible still see if they have a cleaner come by at least once a month.

Structure: Get a hold of the daily activity schedule this will help you understand what goes on day to day. It is never recommended to go to program that just has you sit around and do nothing all day long as the main problem of the alcoholic and addict centers in the mind. Make sure if a higher level care is need that is matched with the structure of the program.

 My hope is that the information about drug rehab aftercare programs will help people looking for high quality care will find what they are looking for. These are by no means the rule but it should be useful to anyone looking for aftercare in either a residential or outpatient setting. For more information on addiction visit The Way Out.

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