Drug or Alcohol Rehab Program – How to Find a Good One

Finding a good substance abuse rehab program can be a daunting task, especially with the advanced marketing techniques employed by so many. So how do you cut through the glitz and abundant promises to find a program that will work. With a little footwork (of finger work if searching on-line) you will be able to find what you need. When trying to find a treatment program, the first thing to look at is success rates – especially for those in treatment for particular types of addiction – and compare them.  The best programs will have the highest rates of success. Related to this are the statistics on the rate of relapse for patients in different rehab programs. Drug and alcohol rehab is an ongoing process and a lifelong struggle. Treatment programs that acknowledge this are more likely to track their patients for extended periods to monitor their progress and their return to a normal life. Those who claim that once finished with their program, addiction is cured are to be avoided. Look at what types of treatment methods the facility employs. Those that do not limit themselves to a single approach will have a greater degree of success than those who stick with one or two. This is because there is no stereotypical addiction. Each patient comes with his or her circumstances and baggage, and these must be considered when designing a program. Failure to do this will cause problems and lead to a relapse. Check with your insurance provider. If your insurance covers rehab programs, check to see if they have recommended facilities. While you are not obligated to use a facility they suggest, because it is in the insurance company’s best financial interest to avail themselves of facilities with high success rates, who they propose is worth investigating. Use a referral service like The Way Out Recovery.  These are organizations dedicated to helping those who are seeking rehab programs find one in their area that meets their  needs and at which they will experience success. In addition, these services will not have a vested interest in any treatment center or facility. A good referral service will have a far-reaching database, encompassing drug and alcohol abuse information, facts about different types of addiction, information on the full range of therapies and treatment options, and the ability to match you with appropriate facilities in your area.

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  1. Brenda Schemel

    I have a 30 year old son who is addicted to heroin, his wife is also. He needs help desperately, but always denies is a problem. He has no insurance, do you have any advice at all? He needs rehab, not just detoxification. I live in Dayton Ohio. Thank you.

  2. Tim Cheney

    I came across this site doing research. We have launched a new site – http://www.choopersguide.com that lists over 22,000 substance abuse treatment facilities and practitioners. You can search by category, multiple keyword and location (use the advanced search function).

    There are 35 listings in Dayton. All the Doctors listed are licensed to treat Heroin addicts with Suboxone/Buprenorphine.
    Good Luck!

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