Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB)

GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) is a central nervous system depressant used in the treatment of narcolepsy, but it also exists as a category of drugs referred to as “club drugs” abused by adolescents and young adults at raves, trance scenes, nightclubs and bars. Other substances in the GHB group are Rohypnol, Ketamine, Ecstasy (MDMA) and methamphetamine. It’s available in liquid or powder form, or as a pill, and has been linked to many serious illnesses and deaths.

GHB Effects and Addiction Treatment

GHB acts on at least two areas within the brain and may result in sleep, coma or death. GHB and Rohypnol have been used to facilitate date rape (in which these cases are also known as a “drug rape,” “acquaintance rape” or “drug-assisted” assault). GHB is colorless, tasteless and odorless, and can be added to beverages and ingested unbeknownst to the victim. GHB also stimulates protein synthesis and has been sought by bodybuilders to aid in fat reduction and muscle building.

Comas and seizures can occur following use of GHB; combined use with other drugs, such as alcohol, it can result in nausea and breathing difficulties. Repeated use of GHB may lead to withdrawal effects, including insomnia, anxiety, tremors and sweating. Severe withdrawal reactions have been reported among patients who have overdosed on GHB, especially if alcohol or other drugs were involved.

Street names for GHB include:

Blue nitro, Cherry fX bombs, Cherry meth, Easy lay, Everclear, Firewater, Gamma G, Georgia homeboy, G.H. revitalizer, Gib, Goops, Great hormones at bedtime, Grievous bodily harm, G-riffick, Growth hormone booster, Insom-X, Invigorate, Lemon fX drops, Liquid ecstasy, Liquid E, Liquid X, Longevity, Natural sleep-500, Nature’s quaalude, Orange fX rush, Organic quaalude, Oxy-sleep, Poor man’s heroin, Remforce, Revivarant, Salty water, Scoop Soap, Somatomax PM, Somsanit, Vita-G Water, Wolfies and Zonked

If you feel you or your loved one must be placed in a rehabilitation treatment center for GHB abuse, please call 888-373-5963 or fill out a patient placement form and The Way Out Recovery will aid in placement.