Club Drugs List

Present generation night clubs are not just about dance, drink and enjoy. Some deadly club drugs have also come along with dance and drink. These drugs cause extensive damage to the brain functioning and the victim loses control on his/her consciousness. Modern party going youth use these drug for extra energy to dance, for sexual pleasure and to get intoxicated. It’s not a new name for the club parties and friends get-together. Now, it has become a fashion to have drugs in parties especially, in the rave parties. It’s reported that even youth who are not addicted in drugs are also taking this drug for fun and enjoyments in the nightclubs.

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Club Drugs List

Each drug that falls under club drug category exhibits severe signs and symptoms. Below points will highlight some of the adverse effects of each of these drugs on the victim:

  • MDMA:The full name of MDMA is methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Its effect last for 3-6 hours. After effect of this drug is stated to increase the energy level. A person feel emotional and confident as it enhances the blood pressure. But if taken in large doses it causes death due to extreme high blood pressure in the brain.
  • GHB: GHB stands for Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate. It was first discovered in 1960 for sleeping disorders, increasing libido and for anxiety. Guys use this drug in the parties because of the sedative effect that it has on the victim. Boys and girls feel sexually aroused and can’t get the strength to resist any sexual abuse done to him/her. If taken in large dose it can cause severe excitement and heart failure.
  • Ketamine: The main effect of this drug is hallucination. If taken in large amount it can cause amnesia, high blood pressure, respiratory problem and severe depression. Persons can become severely dependent on this drug if taken on a regular basis.
  • Rohypnol: Rohypol is reported to be commonly known as rape drug. It’s after effect is high sexual urge and it also causes very high degree of intoxication. Girls are normally given this drug to abuse them sexually. Extreme high doses results in highly increased rate of heart beat and lead to severe complications.
  • Meth: Commonly called as crystal meth, its effect lasts for six to eight hours. It gives a feeling of happiness and increases one’s energy instantly. In the parties guys and gals have this drug to feel relaxed and happy. But if continued long for a number of days it will show its effect on all the vital organs of the body.
  • LSD: LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and it is one of the most available drugs used in club houses. The victim starts feeling weak, experiences increase in heart rate, sweating etc. People prefer this drug for feeling light and to experience extreme joy. But, if taken in large doses it will affect the heart badly and can cause severe life- threatening consequences.

History of Club Drugs

In late 70’s US college students first started using club drugs in parties as alcohol was not allowed in the teen’s party. And ever since it is has successfully made its presence among new generation in every part of the world till date. There are few kinds of drugs which fall under club drugs group. They are MDMA, GHB, Ketamine, Rohypnol, Meth and LSD. Every year lots of youths are losing their precious life due to abuse of these drugs. These drugs grip the youths very easily because they are very cheap and affordable. Most of the youth can’t afford high cost drugs. As a result, the club drugs are spreading like viruses in the parties because of their high indulging power and cheap rate. USA and UK seems to be the epicenter for club drugs and in a rapid rate it is now spreading all over the world.

Statistics of Club Drugs

The Club Drugs statistics all over the world is simply terrifying. It is found that around 628,000 people are affected with club drugs across the globe. Many people also lost their lives in an early age due to these deadly drugs. The statistics say that millions of youth around the world are falling under the trap of club drugs every other day.