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The Way Out

The Way Out is a service that connects people to addiction treatment, addiction recovery and rehabilitation using a referral service tailored to your needs. Here you’ll find helpful information about drug, alcohol and other addictions, as well as descriptions of various drug rehab processes and common addictive substances and signs of their use and abuse.

Addiction Rehabilitation and Recovery

The Way Out offers detailed descriptions of rehabilitation methods and their attributes. Our goal is move you forward on the path to recovery and help you find the right addiction rehab center. Simply fill out our patient placement form and we’ll refer you to recovery centers that address your needs. You’ll be directed to addiction treatment centers based on:

  • the nature of the addiction and abused substances
  • the clientele treated by the addiction treatment center
  • costs and their insurance parameters
  • length-of-stays
  • the need for inpatient or outpatient services

If you feel you or your loved one must be placed in a rehabilitation treatment center, please call 1-877-WAYOUT7 or fill out an anonymous, confidential patient placement form for immediate help.

Help and Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

In addition to helping you find clinics and rehabilitation and recovery centers, we also offer treatment overviews and what each entails. Click on the topics below for current information.

Addictive Drugs and their Effects

Learn about the various substances most commonly abused today.

The Way Out also offers quick information and referrals to and for support groups, relapse prevention and general help for family members. With our resources, we hope to empower you to take charge of destructive patterns and initiate change to create a more positive life.